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Genitourinary/Ultrasound (Kidney, Bladder, Prostate)

Scientific Papers

Presented on December 5, 2003


Edward Grant MD, MODERATOR: Nothing to Disclose
Christine Dudiak MD, MODERATOR: Nothing to Disclose


T02-1394     Contrast-enhanced Imaging of the Prostate for Cancer Detection
Ethan Halpern MD | Ferdinand Frauscher MD | Stephen Strup MD | John Ramey MD | Leonard Gomella MD

T02-1395     Real-Time Elastography for Prostate Cancer Detection: Preliminary Experience
Andrea Klauser MD | Florian Koppelstaetter MD | Wolfgang Horninger MD | Andreas Berger MD | A. Lorenz MD | Ferdinand Frauscher MD

T02-1396     Comparison of Contrast-enhanced Targeted Biopsy of the Prostate to Modified Sextant Biopsy
Ethan Halpern MD | Ferdinand Frauscher MD | Stephen Strup MD | John Ramey MD | Leonard Gomella MD

T02-1397     Contrast-enhanced Color Doppler Targeted Biopsy Improves Prostate Cancer Detection
Ferdinand Frauscher MD | Andrea Klauser MD | Ethan Halpern MD | Wolfgang Horninger MD | Florian Koppelstaetter MD | Dieter Zur Nedden MD

T02-1398     The Value of US-monitoring of Acute Prostatitis Associated with Vesiculitis
Marina Kislyakova MD | Albert Arutjunov MD | Veronika Gazhonova MD, PhD | Alexander Zubarev MD, PhD

T02-1399     3D Transrectal Sonography in Detection and Local Staging of Bladder Tumours: Cystoscopic and Pathomorphological Correlations
Veronika Gazhonova MD, PhD | Alexander Zubarev MD, PhD | Yevsey Mazo MD, PhD | Dmitriy Chepurov MD, PhD

T02-1400     Characterization of Renal Masses Scanned Using Low Acoustic Power US Contrast Specific Mode after SonoVue Injection
Emilio Quaia MD | Salvatore Siracusano | Michele Bertolotto MD | Loretta Calderan MD | Stefano Ciciliato | Roberto Pozzi-Mucelli MD

T02-1401     Renal Tumors: Differentiations with Contrast-enhanced Harmonic Imaging (Agent Detection Imaging)
Byung Park MD | Hak Lee MD | Hyuck Jae Choi MD | Min Hoan Moon MD | Ah Young Chung MD | Seung Kim MD

T02-1402     Contrast-enhanced Color Doppler Findings and Long-term Outcome in Patients Treated with Laparoscopic Pyeloplasty for UPJ-obstruction with Crossing Vessels
Ferdinand Frauscher MD | Reinhard Peschel MD | Andrea Klauser MD | Gudrun Feuchtner MD | Leo Pallwein MD | Thomas Rettenbacher MD

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