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Gastrointestinal (Colon: MR Colonography, Pelvic Floor Imaging)

Scientific Papers

Presented on December 5, 2003


Clive Bartram MD, MODERATOR: Nothing to Disclose
Eduard De Lange MD, MODERATOR: Nothing to Disclose


T03-1403     TrueFISP versus VIBE: Comparison of Different Techniques for MR Colonography
Thomas Lauenstein MD | Waleed Ajaj MD | Christoph Herborn MD | Jorg Debatin MD | Stefan Ruehm MD

T03-1404     Dark Lumen MR Colonography: Comparison with Conventional Colonoscopy
Waleed Ajaj MD | Thomas Lauenstein MD | Jorg Debatin MD | Gregor Pelzer MD | Stefan Ruehm MD

T03-1405     MR Colonography in a Rodent Polyp Model: Initial Experience and Demonstration of Feasibility
Christoph Herborn MD | Philippe Robert PhD | Jean Bara MD, PhD | Christine Lacledere RN | Xavier Violas PhD | Claire Corot PhD

T03-1406     Role of MR Imaging in the Clinical Management of Patients with Ulcerative Colitis
Francesca Maccioni MD | Maria Chiara Colaiacomo MD | Antonio Bruni MD | Miriam D'Avanzo MD | Alessandro Stasolla MD | Mario Marini MD

T03-1407     Endorectal Sonography, Pelvic MR Imaging, and Endoanal MR Imaging: A Comparative Prospective Study in the Diagnosis of Recurrent Anorectal Fistula in 29 Surgical Patients
Perissa Abbasoglu MD | Reza SeyedSadjadi MD | Aurea Mohana-Borges MD | Mehtap Tunaci MD

T03-1408     Prospective Comparison of Hydrogen Peroxide-enhanced 3D Endoanal Ultrasonography with Endoanal MR Imaging in Surgically Proven Perianal Fistula Disease
Soendersing Dwarkasing MD | Rachel West MD | Shahid Hussain MD | Richelle Felt-Bersma MD, PhD | David Zimmerman MD | Gabriel Krestin MD, PhD

T03-1409     Functional MRI Defecography in Posterior Pelvic Floor Disorders in Comparison with Evacuation Proctography
Francesca Maccioni MD | Antonio Bruni MD | Maria Chiara Colaiacomo MD | Francesca Ricci MD | Marinella Carluccio | Mario Marini MD

T03-1410     Role of Dynamic MRI Compared with Functional Static MRI in the Assessment of Pelvic Floor Disorders
Francesca Maccioni MD | Maria Chiara Colaiacomo MD | Antonio Bruni MD | Sara Parlanti MD | Marina De Vargas Macciucca MD | Mario Marini MD

T03-1411     MRI in Evaluating External Anal Sphincter Defects in Patients with Fecal Incontinence
Maaike Terra MD | Regina Beets-Tan MD | Annette Dobben RN | Johan Lameris MD, PhD | Cor Baeten MD, PhD | Jaap Stoker MD, PhD

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