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Physics Afternoon CME Posters

Scientific Informal (Poster) Presentations — Physics and Basic Science,

Presented on November 27, 2012


Junguo Bian PhD, Presenter: Nothing to Disclose
Ling-Xiong Shao PhD, Presenter: Employee, Koninklijke Philips Electronics NV Stockholder, Koninklijke Philips Electronics NV


LL-PHS-TU1C     Cumulative Radiation Exposure of Hospitalized Patients due to Diagnostic Imaging and Image-guided Procedures
Courtney Coursey MD | Arielle Lutterman MD | Kimberly Applegate MD, MS | Pardeep Mittal MD | William Small MD, PhD | Jian Kang PhD

LL-PHS-TU1D     Optimization of Diffusion Measurement in B Cell Lymphomas Using Cramer-Rao Lower Bound Theory
Mark Schweitzer MD | Wael Shabana MD | Arturo Cardenas-Blanco PhD | Leonard Avruch MD | Richard Van der Jagt

LL-PHS-TU2C     Pre-Reconstruction of Wavelet Denoising Processing for Removing Quantum Noise in Digital Tomosynthesis of the Chest
Tsutomu Gomi PhD | Masahiro Nakajima BSC | Tokuo Umeda PhD | Akiko Okawa MBBS | Tohoru Takeda MD, PhD | Kazuya Sakaguchi

LL-PHS-TU2D     Reducing Breast Dose during CT: A Unified Study of Dose and Task-based Image Quality
Franco Rupcich BS, BEng | Taly Schmidt PhD | Iacovos Kyprianou PhD | Andreu Badal-Soler

LL-PHS-TU3C     Feasibility of 50% Dose Reduction in Whole-Body Lymphoma Staging CT Using Iterative Reconstruction
Thomas Henzler MD | Stefan Schoenberg MD, PhD | Paul Apfaltrer MD | Mathias Meyer | Christian Fink MD | Stefan Klein | Hashim Jafarov MD

LL-PHS-TU3D     Potential Tracking of Fetal Organ Dose During Medical Imaging of the Pregnant Female with the UF Series of Computational Pregnant Female Models
Wesley Bolch PhD | Matthew Maynard MS | Nelia Long | John Aris | Roger Shifrin MD

LL-PHS-TU4C     Towards Proton Resonance Frequency Shift (PRFS) Thermometry during Focal MR-guided Cryotherapy
Joyce Bomers MSc | Jurgen Futterer MD, PhD | Christiaan Overduin BSC | Frank De Lange PhD | Maarten Hoes MSc | Eva Rothgang

LL-PHS-TU4D     Effect of Breast Tumor Segmentation on CADx Performance Evaluated on a Large Clinical FFDM Dataset
Maryellen Giger PhD | Charlene Sennett MD | Hui Li PhD | Li Lan | Yading Yuan

LL-PHS-TU5C     Effect of Scan Field of View on Measurement of CT Value and Material Decomposition When Using Fast kVp Switching Dual-Energy CT: A Phantom Study
Xiaoying Wang MD | Jian-Xing Qiu MD | Xiaochao Guo | Yongwei Zhao | JIANXIN LIU

LL-PHS-TU5D     Compressed Sensing For Echo-Planar J-Resolved Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopic Imaging: Pilot Findings in Prostate Cancer
Steven Raman MD | Rajakumar Nagarajan PhD | Manoj Sarma PhD | Michael Thomas PhD | Neil Wilson BS | Daniel Margolis MD | Robert Reiter MD | Brian Burns | Jonathan Furuyama

LL-PHS-TU6C     Improvement of Automated Detection Method of Lacunar Infarcts on MR Images Based on Combined Pattern Classifiers
Takeshi Hara PhD | Junji Shiraishi | Hiroaki Hoshi MD | Hiroshi Fujita PhD | Yoshikazu Uchiyama | Toru Iwama

LL-PHS-TU6D     Assessment of the Impact of Dual-Energy Acquisition Parameters on the Possibility for Material Detection and Precision of Material Quantification
Bernhard Schmidt PhD | Thomas Flohr PhD | Bernhard Krauss PhD | Hubertus Pietsch PhD | Maximilan Theiler | Johannes Korporaal PhD

LL-PHS-TU7C     MRI Liver Volumetry Using 3D Geodesic Active Contour Segmentation Coupled with a Level-set Algorithm
Ibrahim Karademir MD | Aytekin Oto MD | Kenji Suzuki PhD | Hieu Huynh PhD | Rony Kampalath MD

LL-PHS-TU7D     Atlas-based Segmentation: A Comparison of Single and Multiple Atlas Matches for Automatic Liver Segmentation
Sara Pirozzi BS | Marri Horvat MS | Aaron Nelson MD | Jon Piper BEng

LL-PHS-TU8C     Analysis of the Relationship between Tumor Response Criteria and the Statistical Power of Clinical Trials in a Computational Model of Cancer Imaging
Nikhil Ramaiya MD | Michael Rosenthal MD, PhD

LL-PHS-TU8D     A Simulator for Visualizing Behavior of Groups of Spins for Various MRI Pulse Sequences
Kaori Togashi MD, PhD | Tomohisa Okada MD, PhD | Aki Kido MD | Koji Fujimoto MD, PhD

LL-PHS-TU9D     Automated Extraction of Patient Size from Axial Computed Tomography (CT) Images with Correction for the Effects of Image Truncation
Ramin Khorasani MD | Aaron Sodickson MD, PhD | Katherine Andriole PhD | Ichiro Ikuta MD, MMSc | Graham Warden MD | Leena Hamberg PhD

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