RSNA 2003 

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Pediatric Pediatric Musculoskeletal

Scientific Posters

Presented on December 3, 2003


Kirsten Ecklund MD, MODERATOR: Nothing to Disclose


535-p     Ultrasound in Diagnosis of Fractures in Children: Unnecessary Harassment or Useful Addition to x-ray?
Joerg Moritz MD | Lars Berthold MD | Sabine Soenksen MD | Gerhard Alzen MD

536-p     Influence of Severity of Atopic Dermatitis on Broadband Ultrasound Attenuation and Speed of Sound: Is There an Input of Chronic Inflammatory Process on Bone?
Ansgar Malich MD | Stephanie John MD | Jochen Mainz MD | Dieter Sauner MD | Felix Zintl MD | Werner Kaiser MD, PhD

537-p     Computer-aided Assessment of Pediatric Skeletal Age
Yongguo Zhao PhD | Kemin Chen MD, PhD | Bing Guo MD | Ji Xie MD | Defen Wang MD, PhD

538-p     Three-dimensional CT Analysis for Acetabulum Morphology in Developmental Dysplasia of Hip
Wang Yan

539-p     Is Pediatric Cervical Spine Marrow Edema Stress Related?
Ron Gefen | Mark Schweitzer MD | Nogah Shabshin MD

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