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Physics (Fluorescent and Bioluminescent Optical Imaging)

Scientific Papers

Presented on December 3, 2003


Paul Carson PhD, MODERATOR: Nothing to Disclose


K20-1033     Stem Cell Tracking with Gadophrin-2: A Trifunctional Contrast Agent for MR Imaging, Optical Imaging, and Fluorescence Microscopy
Heike Daldrup-Link MD | Martina Rudelius MD | Stephan Metz MD | Guido Piontek MS | Robert Oostendorp PhD | Ernst Rummeny MD

K20-1034     Development of the First Bioluminescent CT Scanner
Ge Wang PhD | Eric Hoffman PhD | Geoffrey McLennan MD, PhD | Lihong Wang PhD | Melissa Suter | John Meinel MD

K20-1035     Fluorescence-enhanced Molecular Imaging towards Breast Cancer Diagnostics
Anuradha Godavarty PhD | Eva Sevick-Muraca PhD | Margaret Eppstein PhD | Chaoyang Zhang PhD

K20-1036     New Experimental Fluorescent Reflectance Imaging System with Multichannel Imaging Capability: System Performance ex- and in-vivo
Alexander Wall MD | Lars Matuszewski MD | Tilmann Haeupl PhD | Marcus Pfister PhD | Walter Heindel MD | Christoph Bremer MD

K20-1037     In Vivo Fluorescence Imaging of Cyanine Derivative Modified with Epidermal Growth Factor, EGF-Cy5.5, in a Murine Model of Carcinogenesis
Michael Gurfinkel | Shi Ke MD | Wen Xiaoxia | Chun Li PharmD, PhD | Eva Sevick-Muraca PhD

K20-1038     Near-Infrared Fluorescence Optical Imaging Using Indocyanine Green in an Animal Model of Human Breast Cancer
Vincenzo Lucidi MD | Laure Fournier MD | Kirill Berejnoi MD | Yanjun Fu PhD | Stavros Demos PhD | Robert Brasch MD

K20-1039     A Dual Fluorochrome Near Infrared Enzyme Sensing Probe for Improved in Vivo Imaging of Cathepsin B Activity
Moritz Kircher MD, PhD | Ralph Weissleder MD, PhD | Lee Josephson PhD

K20-1040     In Vivo Fluorescence Imaging of Matrix Metalloproteinases with a Cyanine-peptide Conjugate in Murine Tumor Xenografts
Chun Li PharmD, PhD | Shi Ke MD | Wei Wang PharmD, PhD | Michael Gurfinkel | Chusilp Charnsangavej MD | Eva Sevick-Muraca PhD

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