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Gastrointestinal/Ultrasound (Focal Liver Lesions I)

Scientific Papers

Presented on December 2, 2003


Mitchell Tublin MD, MODERATOR: Nothing to Disclose
Robert Kane MD, MODERATOR: Nothing to Disclose


J04-763     European Multi-centre Study Evaluating Contrast-enhanced US in the Characterisation of Focal Liver Lesions (FLL)
Edward Leen MD | Dirk Becker MD | Luigi Bolondi MD | Paolo Ricci MD | Franco Stacul MD | R. Steinbach MD

J04-764     Focal Liver Lesions which Appear Uncharacteristic at Conventional US: Can Additional Contrast-enhanced Dynamic US Be Used to Replace Subsequent Contrast-enhanced Multi-phase Spiral CT?
Thomas Rettenbacher MD | Peter Soegner MD | Martin Daniaux MD | Gudrun Feuchtner MD | Ferdinand Frauscher MD | Dieter Zur Nedden MD

J04-765     Subjective and Objective Analysis of Contrast-enhancement in Focal Liver Lesions Scanned by Low Acoustic Power US after SonoVue Injection
Emilio Quaia MD | Elisa Mosconi MD | Michele Bertolotto MD | Francesca Degobbis | Giuseppe Tona | Roberto Pozzi-Mucelli MD

J04-766     The Role of Contrast-enhanced Harmonic Ultrasonography (CEUS) in the Characterisation of Focal Liver Lesions in Patients with Chronic Liver Disease
Paolo Cabassa MD | Laura Romanini MD | Maria Cristinelli MD | Luigi Grazioli MD | Davide Ceriani MD | Andrea Borghesi MD

J04-767     Characterization of Focal Liver Lesions by Non-Linear Ultrasound Contrast Specific Modes Using Continuous Low Acoustic Power Imaging
Emilio Quaia MD | Michele Bertolotto MD | Fabrizio Calliada MD | Sandro Rossi MD | Lorena Garioni MD | Laura Rosa MD

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