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Genitourinary (New Technology for Imaging the GU Tract)

Scientific Papers — Genitourinary Radiology, Computed Tomography,

Presented on December 5, 2014


Paul Nikolaidis MD, Moderator: Nothing to Disclose
Harriet Carolina Thoeny MD, Moderator: Nothing to Disclose


SST07-01     Perfusion Quantification Using Dynamic Contrast-enhanced US: Which File Format Should We Use?
Rana Al Rouhban MD | Jean-Michel Correas MD | Stephane Oudard MD, PhD | Anne-Marie Tissier MD | Olivier Helenon | Sebastien Mule

SST07-02     Testis Shear Wave Elastography: Preliminary Experience Based on 200 Patients Testis Shear Wave Elastography: Preliminary Experience Based on 200 Patients
Laurence Rocher MD | Vincent Izard | Mickael Tanter PhD | Jean Luc Gennisson MD, PhD | Aline Criton | Marie-France Bellin MD | Jean-Michel Correas MD

SST07-03     Hemodynamic Features from Corpus Cavernosum Perfusion CT for Additional Diagnostic Information in Patients with Erectile Dysfunction: Initial Experience
Yong Sun | Zhiqin Du

SST07-04     Application of Gemstone Spectral Imaging in Differential Diagnosis of Bladder Cancer and Prostate Hyperplasia
Chen Anliang | Ailian Liu MD | Jinghong Liu | Shifeng Tian | He Qing Wang MSc | Yijun Liu | Renwang Pu MBBCh, FRCPC | Ye Ju

SST07-05     Evaluation of Intra and Extratesticular Lesions with Real TIme Elastography (RTE): Comparison of Strain Ratio (SR) versus Colour Map Visual Elasticity Score (VES)
Eleni Konstantatou MD, MSc | Paul Sidhu MRCP, FRCR | Asif Iqbal MBBS | Cheng Fang MBBS, BSC

SST07-06     Diffusion Imaging of Gynaecological Neoplasms as Aids to Characterization
Emily Lemoniati MBBS | Tina Mistry MBBS, FRCR | ANDY COADY MBBS | Anwar Padhani MD | Vivek Malhotra MD | Malcolm Padwick MD

SST07-07     Clinical Application of Low kVp from kV Assist in Combination with Adaptive Statistical Iterative Reconstruction (ASiR) in Computed Tomography Urography (CTU)
Zhiguo Zhou | Qingguo Wang | Yan Feng

SST07-08     Evaluation the Stretched Exponential Model of Non-Gaussian Analysis of Diffusion Weighted Imaging in the Grading of Cervical Cancer

SST07-09     Prevalence of Fallopian Tube Pathology in Infertile Women. CT Virtual Hysterosalpingography Findings
Patricia Carrascosa MD | Carlos Capunay MD | Javier Vallejos MD, MBA | Mariano Baronio

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