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Neuroradiology/Head and Neck - Thursday Posters and Exhibits (12:45pm - 1:15pm)

Scientific Informal (Poster) Presentations — Neuroradiology,

Presented on December 5, 2013



LL-NRE-TH9B     Sialography: Past and Present
Santanu Chakraborty FRCR | Joseph O'Sullivan MD | Alain Berthiaume BSc, RT | Wayd Williams | Vijay Rao MD | Gul Moonis MD

LL-NRE-TH10B     Intrathyroid Fat-containing Lesions Using CT Imaging with Systemic Literature Review
Hyung Suk Seo | Ki Hwan Kim | Younghen Lee MD | Sang-Il Suh | Vijay Rao MD | Bidyut Pramanik MD

LL-NRE-TH7B     Something Worth Seeing: Postoperative Imaging of the Orbit
Michael Reiter MD | Ryan Schwope MD | Jonathan Kini | Gerald York MD | Brett Searcey MD | Jose Maria Garcia Santos MD, PhD | Deborah Shatzkes MD

LL-NRE-TH8B     Imaging of Petrous Apex
Sangam Kanekar MD | Hazem Matta DO | Vijay Mittal MD | Vijay Rao MD | Komal Shah MD

LL-NRS-TH1B     High–resolution Three–dimensional Diffusion-weighted MRI/CT Image Data Fusion for Cholesteatoma Surgical Planning: A Feasibility Study
Koji Yamashita MD,PhD | Takashi Yoshiura MD, PhD | Akio Hiwatashi MD | Osamu Togao MD, PhD | Kazufumi Kikuchi MD | Hiroshi Honda MD | Nozomu Matsumoto

LL-NRS-TH2B     Clinical Implication of Highly Sensitive Detection of the BRAFV600E Mutation in Fine-Needle Aspirations in Patients with Conventional Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma according to the Thyroid Bethesda System
Jae Young Seo | Hee Jung Moon MD | Eun-Kyung Kim | Jin Young Kwak MD | Keum Won Kim MD

LL-NRS-TH3B     Application of Serial Dynamic Contrast-enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging (DCE-MRI) in Early Predicting Chemoradiotherapy Response of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma
Chen Yunbin MD | Dechun Zheng MS | Luying Xu BS | Xiangyi Liu BS | Weibo Chen MSc | Queenie Chan PhD | Jianji Pan

LL-NRS-TH4B     Changes in Resting-state Functional Connectivity Following BCI-EEG Based Intervention in Sub-acute and Chronic Stroke Patients
Veena Nair PhD | Jie Song MS | Brittany Young | Leo Walton | Scott Grogan BS | Justin Sattin | Dorothy Farrar-Edwards | Justin Williams | Vivek Prabhakaran MD, PhD

LL-NRS-TH5B     Evaluation of WBAA with Registration-based Cube Propagation for Brain Atrophy Quantification
Akshay Pai | Lauge Sorensen | Mads Nielsen PhD | Jon Sporring | Sune Darkner | Erik Dam PhD | Martin Lillholm MSc, PhD

LL-NRS-TH6B     The Role of US Elastography in the Differential Diagnosis of Nodules Associated with Chronic Thyroiditis
Evsen Polattas Solak MD | Emetullah Cindil MD | Doga Ozdemir MD | Cem Yucel MD | Suna Oktar MD

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