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Physics Afternoon CME Posters

Scientific Informal (Poster) Presentations — Physics and Basic Science,

Presented on November 26, 2012


Alexander Zamyatin PhD, Presenter: Employee, Toshiba Corporation
Lifeng Yu PhD, Presenter: Nothing to Disclose


LL-PHS-MO1C     Statistical Validation of HECTOR a Highly Efficient Bayesian-Derived CT Density Estimator with Optimized Recursions
Wolfram Jarisch PhD

LL-PHS-MO1D     Optimizing Dose Efficiency for Digital Radiography of Pediatric Extremities
Ulrich Neitzel PhD | Dirk Manke PhD,DIPLENG | Robert Hess PhD

LL-PHS-MO2C     Two-dimensional Localized Correlated Spectroscopy Improves Detection of Cerebral Metabolites and Macromolecules Using a 7T Human MRI Scanner
Rajakumar Nagarajan PhD | Manoj Sarma PhD | Michael Thomas PhD | Neil Wilson BS | Gaurav Verma PhD | Harish Poptani PhD | Hari Hariharan | Elias Melhem MD, PhD | E. Delikatny

LL-PHS-MO2D     The Equivalent Dose Contribution from High Dose Rate Brachytherapy to Pelvic Lymph Node Positive Cervical Cancer
Yongsook Lee | Dominique Rash | Robin Stern PhD | Mathew Mathai | Jyoti Mayadev MD

LL-PHS-MO4D     Quantification of Absolute Iodine Concentration and Virtual-Non-Contrast Radiodensity by Dual-Energy CT (DECT) in "Contrast-enhanced" Background Solutions with Low Photoeffect - Increased Accuracy with Tin-filtering of the High-Energy Tube
Maximilian Reiser MD | Florian Schwarz MD | Thorsten Johnson MD | Felix Meinel MD | Sven Thieme MD | Teresa Goelz BS | Markus Haindl BS

LL-PHS-MO5C     Does Beam-hardening Reduction by Fast kVp-switching with Single-Source Dual-Energy CT Depend on the Diameter of Enhanced Structures in Contrast-enhanced CT? A Phantom Experiment
Haruhiko Machida MD | Xiao Zhu Lin MD | Yun Shen PhD | Tubasa Iwasaki | Rika Fukui | Isao Tanaka | Eiko Ueno MD

LL-PHS-MO5D     How Does Tube Voltage Affect Beam-hardening Reduction by Model-based Iterative Reconstruction with Variable Diameters of Enhanced Structures in Contrast-enhanced CT? A Phantom Experiment
Haruhiko Machida MD | Xiao Zhu Lin MD | Yun Shen PhD | Tubasa Iwasaki | Rika Fukui | Isao Tanaka | Eiko Ueno MD

LL-PHS-MO6C     Improved Kidney Stone Differentiation with Use of a Photon-counting Detector-based CT System Relative to an Energy-integrating Detector-based Dual-Energy CT (DECT) System
Cynthia McCollough PhD | Shuai Leng PhD | Xinhui Duan PhD | Jia Wang PhD

LL-PHS-MO6D     Development of the Implantation Method of Digital Simulated Diseases into Digital Radiographs
Takayuki Ishida PhD | Yasuhiko Okura PhD | Ikuo Kawashita PhD | Ryuji Akita BS

LL-PHS-MO7C     Monochromatic and Broadband X-ray Irradiation of Heavy Element Radiosensitizers: Simulations and In-vitro Studies for Therapeutic Efficacy
Sara Lim | Anil Pradhan | Rolf Barth MD | Maximiliano Montenegro | Sultana Nahar | Claudia Turro | Erica Bell | Yan Yu PhD, MBA

LL-PHS-MO7D     Proposal of a Methodology for Digital Breast Tomosynthesis System Characterization
Paola Enrica Colombo | Anna Negri | Stefano Pasetto MD | Annalisa Trianni | Nadia Oberhofer | Daniele Ravanelli

LL-PHS-MO8C     Metal-Artifact Reduction in Computed Tomography Using Model-based Iterative Reconstruction with Spectral Modeling
Willi Kalender PhD | Daniel Kolditz | Marcel Beister

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