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Presented on December 1, 2011


Suhny Abbara MD, Presenter: Research Grant, Bracco Group Pending research funded, Becton, Dickinson and Company Consultant, Partners Imaging Consultant, Perceptive Informatics, Inc Consultant, Magellan Health Services, Inc


LL-CAS-TH1A     Cardiac Magnetic Resonance in Arrythmogenic Cardiomyopathy: A Multicenter Study
BEGOÑA MUÑOZ MD | Almudena Lucas-Perez MD | Pablo Nogues-Melendez MD | Alicia Maceira MD,PhD | Esther Zorio MD,PhD | Jordi Estornell MD,PhD | Maria Pilar Lopez-Lereu MD | Fernando Más-Estellés MD | Diana Domingo-Valero

LL-CAS-TH1B     Cardiac Magnetic Resonance in Arrhythmogenic Cardiomyopathy: What Are the Parameters with Better Diagnostic Performance?
BEGOÑA MUÑOZ MD | Almudena Lucas-Perez MD | Alicia Maceira MD,PhD | Esther Zorio MD,PhD | Jordi Estornell MD,PhD | Iciar Puchades-Román MD | Juan Carlos Martinez | Anastasio Quesada MD, MD | Maria Pilar Lopez-Lereu MD | Fernando Más-Estellés MD

LL-CAS-TH2A     Determination of the Endocardial Border in Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy: Effect of Trabeculae on Evaluating the Left Ventricle on Cardiac MRI
Whal Lee MD | Eun-Ah Park MD | Jin Chung MD | Jae Hyung Park MD | Hyung-Kwan Kim

LL-CAS-TH2B     3D Quantification of Diastolic Function in Left Ventricular Hypertrophy Patients Using MRI Automatic Tracking Ventricular and Atrial Volume Time Curves (VTCs): A Better Tool than Two Fixed Points Measurements in the Evaluation of the Cardiac Cycle
Osama Gomaa MD | Charif Sidani MD | Eckart Fleck MD | Eike Nagel | Shabbir Ezuddin MD

LL-CAS-TH3A     Left Ventricular Shortening Using Cine Steady-State Free Precession (SSFP) in Normal and Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Patients
Sebastian Ley MD | Bernd Wintersperger MD | Narinder Paul MD | Laura Jimenez-Juan MD | Elsie Nguyen MD | Djeven Deva MBBCh | Andrew Crean MD | Rachel Wald MD | Susan James MD | Harry Rakowski

LL-CAS-TH3B     Prognostic Value of Delayed Enhancement at MRI in Myocarditis: Correlation with Clinical Presentation
Lorenzo Bonomo MD | Agostino Meduri MD | Luigi Natale MD | Vittorio Semeraro MD | Carmela Napolitano MD | Alba De Vita MD

LL-CAS-TH4A     Myocardial Edema as the Sole Marker of Acute Injury in Tako-Tsubo Cardiomiopathy (TT-CMP): A Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance (CMR) Study
Carlo Catalano MD | Iacopo Carbone MD | Giuseppe Cannavale MD | Marco Francone MD | Bettina Conti | Ilaria Iampieri

LL-CAS-TH4B     Trends in the Utilization of Cardiac MRI in the Medicare Population
Sandeep Deshmukh MD | David Levin MD | Vijay Rao MD | Richard Sharpe MD, MBA | Laurence Parker PhD

LL-CAS-TH5B     Safety, Feasibility, and Diagnostic Value of Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Patients with Cardiac Pacemakers and Implantable Cardioverters/Defibrillators at 1.5 Tesla
Hans Schild MD | Claas Naehle MD | Jens Kreuz | Jörg-Otto Schwab | Roger Luechinger PhD | Daniel Thomas MD

LL-CAS-TH6A     Clinical Characteristics Including Ventricular Volume and Coronary Arteries of Subjects with Chronic Pulmonary Thromboembolism by ECG-gated 320-Slice CT, Echocardiogram, and Right Heart Catheterization
Hiroyuki Takaoka MD, PhD | Nobusada Funabashi MD, PhD | Yoshio Kobayashi | Masae Uehara MD | Toshihiko Sugiura | Koichiro Tatsumi | Nobuhiro Tanabe

LL-CAS-TH6B     Estimation of Left Ventricular Mass during Coronary CTA as a Predictor of Clinical Outcome: Comparison with Conventional Echocardiography
Ethan Halpern MD

LL-CAS-TH7A     Distribution, Size, and Shape of Abdominal Aortic Calcified Deposits and Their Relationship to Mortality in Postmenopausal Women
Erik Dam PhD | Marleen de Bruijne PhD | Melanie Ganz MSc | Morten Karsdal | Claus Christiansen | Mads Nielsen PhD

LL-CAS-TH7B     320-Slice Computed Tomography Imaging-based Semiquantitative Assessment of Left Ventricular Wall Motion: Comparison with Transthoracic Echocardiography
Hiroyuki Takaoka MD, PhD | Nobusada Funabashi MD, PhD | Yoshio Kobayashi | Masae Uehara MD | Akihisa Kataoka MD | Akiyo Takahashi PhD

LL-CAS-TH8A     Cardiovascular Risk Is Not Yet Evident in the Intermediate State of Simple Steatosis and Visceral Adiposity
Albert De Roos MD | Jos Westenberg PhD | Hildo Lamb PhD | Jan Smit MD, PhD | Ralph Widya MD | Frits Rosendaal MD | Renée De Mutsert | Wouter Jukema MD | Klaus Rabe | Ton Rabelink | Saskia Middeldorp

LL-CAS-TH8B     Sinogram Affirmed Iterative Reconstruction: Assessment of Image Noise and Image Quality in Cardiac Computed Tomography
Hajime Sakuma MD | Kakuya Kitagawa MD | Motonori Nagata MD, PhD | Yuriko Mitsuya MD | Toshikazu Aoki MD

LL-CAS-TH9A     Evaluation of Global Left Ventricular Function with DS-CT Comparison of Three Workstations with Magnetic Resonance as Gold Standard
Andrea Laghi MD | Marco Rengo MD | Carlo Nicola De Cecco MD | Damiano Caruso MD | Davide Bellini MD | Marco Maria Maceroni MD

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