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Physics (Reconstruction)

Scientific Formal (Paper) Presentations — Computed Tomography, Physics and Basic Science,

Presented on November 29, 2010


James G. Mainprize PhD, Presenter: Research collaboration, General Electric Company
Milan Sonka PhD, Presenter: Co-founder, Medical Imaging Applications, LLC Co-founder, VIDA Diagnostics Stockholder, Medical Imaging Applications, LLC Stockholder, VIDA Diagnostics


SSE23-01     Investigation of a Hybrid Iterative Reconstruction Technique for Radiation Dose Reduction with Preservation of Diagnostic Quality in Cadaveric Models
Barry Daly MD | Dhruv Mehta MS | Katrina Read MS | Lisa Miller MD | Alexis Boscak MD

SSE23-02     Noise Reduction on Chest CT Examinations: Impact of Iterative Reconstructions
Martine Remy-Jardin MD, PhD | Thomas Flohr PhD | Jean-Baptiste Faivre MD | Jacques Remy MD | Francois Pontana MD | Julien Pagniez

SSE23-03     Impact of Anti-scatter Grids in Overcoming Image Artifacts Caused by Increased X-ray Scatter in Wide Coverage CT Scanners
Shinichi Tokuyasu RT | Soji Miyashita

SSE23-04     Heuristic Scatter Artifact Reduction in Cone Beam CT
Willi Kalender PhD | Yiannis Kyriakou PhD | Michael Meyer | Wei Chen MEng, Dipl Eng

SSE23-05     Evaluation of the Metal Deletion Technique (MDT): A New Method for Reducing Metal Streak Artifacts in Computed Tomography Scans
Dominik Fleischmann MD | Franz Boas MD, PhD

SSE23-06     Reducing Metal Artifacts in Computed Tomography Caused by Hip Endoprostheses Using a Physics-based Approach
Willi Kalender PhD | Yiannis Kyriakou PhD | Michael Meyer | Daniel Prell Dipl Phys | Marcel Beister

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