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Physics (Ultrasound)

Scientific Formal (Paper) Presentations — Biomarkers/Quantitative Imaging, Ultrasound, Physics and Basic Science,

Presented on November 28, 2010


J. Brian Fowlkes PhD, Presenter: Research support, General Electric Company Equipment support, General Electric Company Equipment support, Toshiba Corporation Research collaboration, Sonetics Inc Stockholder, HistoSonics, Inc Founder, HistoSonics, Inc


SSA21-01     Low-Frequency Ultrasound Amplifies the Release of Multiple Tumor Biomarkers in Living Subjects
Gary Glazer MD | Aloma D'Souza MS, PhD | Jarrett Rosenberg PhD | Sanjiv Gambhir MD, PhD | Kim Butts-Pauly PhD | Jeffrey Tseng MD

SSA21-02     Ultrasound-activated Drug Delivery with PET-based Pharmacokinetics
Paul Carson PhD | J. Brian Fowlkes PhD | Oliver Kripfgans | Mario Fabiilli | Morand Piert MD, PhD | Xia Shao PhD

SSA21-03     Sonoactived Doxorubicin Loaded Nanoliposomes
Kenneth Watkin MS, PhD | Saujanya Gosangari PhD

SSA21-04     Objective Ultrasound Elastography Scoring on Thyroid Nodules
Manjiri Dighe MD | Si Luo MEng | Yongmin Kim PhD | Dong-Jun Lim MD

SSA21-05     Automatic Image Registration of Three-dimensional Ultrasound Thyroid Images: Application for Longitudinal Thyroid Nodule Tracking  
Aaron Fenster PhD | Derek Cool PhD | Aaron Ward PhD | Barry Hobbs MD | Walter Romano MD | Merrill Edmonds MD

SSA21-06     Three-dimensional Doppler Ultrasound in Obtaining Cardiac Output
Jonathan Rubin MD, PhD | J. Brian Fowlkes PhD | Tej Desai BA | Man Zhang MD, PHD | Oliver Kripfgans | Anne Hall | Stephen Pinter PhD

SSA21-07     Feasibility of Parametric Imaging Using Subharmonic Signals from US Contrast Agents in Patients with Breast Masses
Flemming Forsberg PhD | John Eisenbrey PhD | Jaydev Dave

SSA21-08     Assessment of Quantitative Tumor Perfusion Parameters by Dynamic Contrast-enhanced Ultrasonography Using a Deconvolution Method: An in Vitro and in Vivo Study
Marianne Gauthier MSc | Farid Tabarout | Ingrid Leguerney | Jessie Thalmensi | Alain Roche MD | Nathalie Lassau MD, PhD

SSA21-09     Computer-aided Diagnosis for Differential Diagnosis of Focal Liver Lesions in Contrast-enhanced Ultrasonography: An ROC Study
Junji Shiraishi | Katsutoshi Sugimoto | Fuminori Moriyasu MD, PhD | Kunio Doi

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