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Scientific Informal (Poster) Presentations

Presented on December 2, 2010



LL-INS-TH1A     Evaluation Methodology for an Automatic Multiple Sclerosis Lesion Detection and Quantification System in a Clinical Environment
Kevin Ma BS | Jerry Loo BS | Alex Lerner MD | Mark Shiroishi MD | James Reza Fernandez MD, MS | Brent Liu PhD | Lilyana Amezcua MD | Kathleen Garrison PhD

LL-INS-TH1B     Building an Information Security Management System in RIS/PACS-based Framework ISO/IEC 27001: RISK MATRIX
Suranarong Kamtasila MEng | Krongrat Kangwanklai BS, MS | Boriruk Sukhatungka BEng | Nirun Tungketmukda

LL-INS-TH2A     Extending Imaging Informatics beyond Radiology: A Multi-Media ePR System for Disability Patients to Improve Decision Support in Rehabilitation through Clinical Gait and Movement Analysis
Jorge Documet | Brent Liu PhD | Philip Requejo PhD | Jill McNitt-Gray PhD | Sarah Mcnitt-Gray

LL-INS-TH2B     Open Source Software to Integrate OsiriX into FileMaker Pro Database
Satoru Morita MD | Eiko Ueno MD | Kazufumi Suzuki MD | Ai Masukawa

LL-INS-TH3A     Documentation of Type, Concentration, and Amount of Contrast Is Important for Patient Care and for Billing Purposes
Amilcare Gentili MD

LL-INS-TH3B     Effective Compression Ratio of Full Field Digital Mammographic Images Using JPEG 2000
Sung Hun Kim MD | Bong Joo Kang | Byung Gil Choi MD | Jaegu Yoon | In Yong Whang

LL-INS-TH4A     Integration of Imaging Signs into RadLex
Charles Kahn MD, MS | Daniel Rubin MD | Matthew Shore BS

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