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Physics (Visualization, Displays, PACS)

Scientific Papers — Physics and Basic Science, Informatics,

Presented on November 27, 2007


Elizabeth Anne Krupinski PhD, Presenter: Nothing to Disclose
Michael F. McNitt-Gray PhD, Presenter: Nothing to Disclose


SSJ16-01     Detectability Decreases When Browsing Large Image Sets in Slow Display Devices
Aldo Badano PhD | Kyle Myers PhD | Hongye Liang | Brandon Gallas | Subok Park PhD

SSJ16-02     Variances in Display Characteristics of Soft Copy Monitors with Same Specifications
Patrick Brennan PhD | John Ryan PhD | Joanna Lowe BSc | Mark Mc Entee

SSJ16-03     Co-visualization of Stereoscopic and Monoscopic Images for Instrument Navigation in the Interventional Room
Sandy Napel PhD | Markus Kukuk PhD | Jarrett Rosenberg PhD

SSJ16-04     Evaluation of Radiologists' Performance in Detection of Clustered Microcalcifications on Digital Mammograms by Use of Super-High Resolution Liquid Crystal Display Monitors
Hiroyuki Abe MD | Junji Shiraishi | Kunio Doi PhD | Katsuhiro Ichikawa PhD | Mikio Hasegawa

SSJ16-05     A New Package and the Evaluation of Detectors for Display and Projector Luminance Response Curve Calibration against the DICOM Part 14 Grayscale Standard Display Function (GSDF)
Andrew Reilly | Nick Weir PhD

SSJ16-06     Comparison of Calibration and Testing Methods for Radiology Report Monitors
Wolfgang Neff MD, PhD | Stephan Ruggiero | Gerald Weisser

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