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Neuroradiology/Head and Neck (Functional MR)

Scientific Posters — Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Neuroradiology, Head and Neck,

Presented on December 1, 2005


Jay J. Pillai MD, Presenter: Nothing to Disclose


LPR06-01     fMRI Hemodynamic Response Onset Time Is Cortex- and Subject-dependent: Implication to Optimization of fMRI Activation Signal Detection and Paradigm Design
Adam Flanders MD | et al | John Lackey MS | Song Lai PhD | Jianrong Shi MS | Shunshan Li | Jiangxi Xiao | Joseph Tracy PhD

LPR06-03     Measurements of BOLD and Total-Hb by fMRI and Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) during Graded Visual Stimulation
Kenichi Kashikura PHD

LPR06-04     Impaired Connectivity during Working Memory Task between Patients with Schizophrenia and the Control Subjects
Rahyeong Juh | Chang-Uk Lee MD,PhD | Chi-Un Pae MD,PhD | TaeSuk Suh PhD | Boyoung Choe PhD

LPR06-05     Influence of Caffeine Excess on Activation Patterns in Verbal Working Memory
et al | Florian Koppelstaetter MD | Stefan Felber | Christian Siedentopf | Thorsten Poeppel | Ilka Haala | Anja Ischebeck | Felix Mottaghy MD,PhD | Paul Rhomberg | Michael Verius PhD | Stefan Golaszewski | Christian Kolbitsch MD | Bernd Krause

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