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Health Services Thursday Poster Discussions

Scientific Posters — Health Policy,

Presented on December 4, 2014


Aine Marie Kelly MD, Moderator: Nothing to Disclose
James Vincent Rawson MD, Moderator: Nothing to Disclose


HPS172     Developing Curricula for Teaching MRI Safety and MRI/CT Contrast Safety To Residents: How Effective Are Live Lectures and Online Modules?
Jordan Swensson MD | Benjamin Rase MD | Bilal Tahir MD | Brian McMahan MD | Darel Heitkamp MD

HPS173     Patient Perception and Understanding of Radiation in Diagnostic Imaging
A. Kyle Jones PhD | Joseph Steele MD | Stowe Shoemaker PhD

HPS174     Potential Redundancy in MR Imaging of Brain: Quantification by Studying the Location of Core Diagnostic Information Across Various Sequences
Arindam Chatterjee MD | Seth-Emil Bartel MD | Manu Goyal MD, MSc | Matthew Parsons MD | Aseem Sharma MBBS

HPE117     CT Imaging Techniques and Strategies for Radiation Dose Optimization: What the Radiologist Should Know
Xiaochao Guo MD | Xiaoying Wang MD | He Wang MD | Yongwei Zhao | Rui Wang | Qiu Jianxing | Kai Zhao MD | Ke Wang MD | Jian Jiang | Pinggui Lei | Mengxi Jiang | Jonathan Kruskal MD, PhD | Danny Kim MD | Steven Baccei MD | Jennifer Broder MD | Hani Abujudeh MD, MBA | Mahadevappa Mahesh MS, PhD | Perry Sprawls PhD | Woojin Kim MD | Ross Filice MD | Amy Hara MD | Marc Kohli MD | Eric Tamm MD

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