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Informatics Afternoon CME Posters

Scientific Informal (Poster) Presentations — Informatics,

Presented on November 28, 2012


Rasu B. K. Shrestha MD, MBA, Presenter: Medical Advisory Board, Vital Images, Inc Editorial Advisory Board, Applied Radiology Advisory Board, KLAS Enterprises, LLC
Stuart R. Pomerantz MD, Presenter: Research Grant, General Electric Company


LL-INS-WE1C     Development of a Tracking Database and Tailored Queries for Non-Invasive Vascular Lab Quality Assurance
Hannu Huhdanpaa MD | Carol Steenson MD

LL-INS-WE1D     'Tsunami' Radiology Notification System: A Low Cost Method in Improving Communication between the Imaging Department and Clinicians
Marion Dimigen MBBCh | Branimir Zogovic MD,PhD | Avigdor Saks MBBCh, FRANZC | Andrew Georgiou PhD | Antonia Hordern MSc,BA | Glen Schlaphoff MBBCh,FFRAD(D)SA

LL-INS-WE2C     Phantom for Periodic Quality Assurance (QA) of Gray-scale Ultrasound (US) Scanners Using Transducers of Any Size and Shape
Ernest Madsen PhD | Chihwa Song PhD | Meagan Deaner | Gary Frank

LL-INS-WE2D     Automatic Speech Recognition in Medical Reporting: Comparison with Dictation Transcription System
Kyung Lee MD, PhD | Myung Jin Chung MD | Soyi Kwon MD | Min Jung Park | Youngjoo Moon BS | Jeongmi Cho PhD | Chiyoun Park | Namhoon Kim | Jaewon Lee PhD | Eunsun Kim BA

LL-INS-WE3C     Automatic Extraction of BI-RADS Features from Cross-Institution and Cross-Language: Free-Text Mammography Reports
Elizabeth Burnside MD, MPH | Houssam Nassif | Terrie Kitchner | Filipe Cunha | Ines Moreira

LL-INS-WE3D     Radiology Reporting: Is There a “Best” Practice?
Viviane Khoury MD | Daniel Walz MD | Gabrielle Konin MD | Suzanne Long MD | Adam Zoga MD | William Morrison MD

LL-INS-WE4C     Assessment of a Readily Available Web-based Audience Response System in Didactic Radiology Conferences: Does It Promote a Better Learning Experience?
Mahesh Patel MD | Young Kang MD | Benjamin Chou MD | Jennifer Trinh MD | Rajul Pandit MD | Peter Phan MD

LL-INS-WE4D     Accelerating the Clinical Research Study Search: R Script Filtering of Dictated Reports from Radiology Information System (RIS) Searches
Ronald Summers MD, PhD | Joseph Burns MD, PhD

LL-INS-WE5C     Moving to the Digital Age of Radiology Education: A Survey of Learning Resources at an Academic Institution
David Kallmes MD | Kevin Liaw MD | Blake Niederhauser MD | Robert McDonald MD, PhD | Kathleen Hudson MD | Kristen Thomas MD

LL-INS-WE5D     Assessing Tumor Velocity with a PACS-RIS Integrated Cumulative Reporting System
Les Folio DO, MPH | David Bluemke MD, PhD | Jiaxin Huang BA | Jianhua Yao PhD | Xiao Zhang PhD | Ronald Summers MD, PhD

LL-INS-WE6C     A Stand-Alone Decision Support Tool for Managing Liver Lesions on CT and MRI, based on the ACR-supported LI-RADS 1.0 Criteria
Claude Sirlin MD | Ramin Javan MD | Mustafa Bashir MD

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