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Musculoskeletal Lunch Hour CME Posters

Scientific Informal (Poster) Presentations — Musculoskeletal Radiology,

Presented on November 25, 2012


Martin Torriani MD, Presenter: Nothing to Disclose


LL-MKS-SU1B     High Levels of Physical Activity are Associated with Greater Cartilage Degeneration over a Period of 4 Years as Assessed with T2 Relaxation Time Measurements – 3T MRI Data from the Osteoarthritis Initiative
Thomas Link MD, PhD | Wilson Lin BS | Hamza Alizai MD | Gabby Joseph | Charles McCulloch | John Lynch PhD | Michael Nevitt PhD | Waraporn Srikhum MD

LL-MKS-SU2A     Qualitative and Quantitative Assessment of Isotropic 3D Wrist MR Imaging: Comparison with 2D Intermediate-weighted Fast-Spin-Echo with Fat Saturation
Ah Yeong Kim MD | Young Cheol Yoon MD | Ji Hyun Koo MD | Ki Jeong Park MD | Yu Jin Oh MD | Jee Young Jung

LL-MKS-SU2B     Correlation of T2 Value of Talar Articular Cartilage to the Status of Anterior Talofibular Ligament
Ah Yeong Kim MD | Yousun Chong MD | Young Cheol Yoon MD | Ji Hyun Koo MD | Ki Jeong Park MD | Yu Jin Oh MD

LL-MKS-SU3A     Imaging of the Articular Cartilage of the Knee: Diagnostic Value of Isovolumetric 3D Fat-suppressed VISTA Sequence Imaging at 3.0T
Sungjun Kim | Young Han Lee MD | Jin-Suck Suh MD | Ho-Taek Song MD | Daekeon Lim MD

LL-MKS-SU3B     Thoughts and Patterns of Intraarticular Local Anaesthetic Injections between Radiologists, Rheumatologists, and Orthopedic Surgeons
Mark Schweitzer MD | Gina Di Primio MD | Adnan Sheikh MD | Ramez Hanna MD

LL-MKS-SU4A     Iterative Decomposition of Water and Fat Using Echo Asymmetry and Least-Squares Estimation with a 3D Spoiled Gradient Echo (IDEAL 3D SPGR) of the Articular Cartilage of the Knee on 3.0 T MRI: A Comparison with Conventional 3.0 T Fast Spin-Echo T2 Fat
Heejin Park MD | Ji Kim | Eun Chul Chung MD, PhD | So-Yeon Lee MD

LL-MKS-SU5A     Usefulness of High-Resolution MRI for Prediction of Steroid Injection Response in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Patients
Hodaka Ohki | Takatoshi Aoki MD | Hiroyuki Takahashi | Yukunori Korogi MD | Takahisa Oshige | Shunsuke Kinoshita | Yoshiko Hayashida MD | Akinori Sakai

LL-MKS-SU5B     Do Flake Fractures All Come from the Triquetrum?
Subba Rao Chaganti MBBS | Ajay Sahu MBBS, MRCS | David Gay MD | Philip Hughes MBBS | Carol Phillips FRCR | Simon Horne

LL-MKS-SU6A     Automatic Quantification of the Osteoarthritis Initiative Knee MRI
Erik Dam PhD | Thomas Fuerst | Souhil Zaim MD | Harry Genant MD | Martin Lillholm MSc, PhD | Mads Nielsen PhD

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