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ISP: Neuroradiology (Aging and Cognition)

Scientific Formal (Paper) Presentations — Neuroradiology, Magnetic Resonance Imaging,

Presented on November 25, 2012


Rafeeque A. Bhadelia MD, Presenter: Nothing to Disclose
Kejal Kantarci MD, MS, Presenter: Data Monitoring Safety Board, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited


SSA16-01     Neuroradiology Keynote Speaker: Current Imaging Approach to Cognitive Decline
Kejal Kantarci MD, MS

SSA16-02     Energy Expenditure Is Associated with Gray Matter Structure in Normal Cognition, Mild Cognitive Impairment, and Alzheimer’s Dementia
Cyrus Raji MD, PhD | Kirk Ericson PhD | Oscar Lopez MD | James Becker PhD | Owen Carmichael PhD | H. Michael Gach PhD | Paul Thompson PhD | William Longstreth MD | Lewis Kuller MD

SSA16-03     Alteration Pattern of Gray Matter and Small-World Networks in the Human Brain Revealed by Quantitative Water Diffusivity from MRI
Bing Zhang PhD | Ming Li | Xin Zhang MD, MS | Fei Chen MS | Huiting Wang MS | yun xu | Fang Zhang | Jiange Zhang | Bin Zhu

SSA16-04     Voxel-based Analysis of Cerebral Perfusion Changes in Alzheimer Disease and Mild Cognitive Impairment Using a Novel 3D Arterial Spin-labeling Technique
He Wang PhD | Bei Ding MD | Yong Zhang | juan huang | Huawei Ling MD | Huan Zhang

SSA16-05     A Computer Based Diagnostic System to Facilitate the Diagnosis of Dementia
Wiro Niessen PhD | Bas Jasperse MD,PhD | Henri Vrooman PhD | Meike Vernooij MD | Marion Smits MD, PhD | Marcel Koek MSc | Renske De Boer PhD | Aad Van Der Lugt MD, PhD

SSA16-06     Late Life Cognitive Activity Is Associated with Greater Diffusion Anisotropy in Brain White Matter 
Shengwei Zhang BEng | Konstantinos Arfanakis PhD | David Bennett MD | Anil Vasireddi BS | Debra Fleischman PhD

SSA16-07     The Value of Structural MRI Measurements of Cerebral Atrophy in Predicting the Rate of Cognitive Decline in the Non-demented Elderly. A GEE Analysis Based on Data from the Vienna Transdanube Aging (VITA) Study
Martin Roesel MD | Walter Hruby MD | Manuel Gmeiner MD | Wolfgang Krampla MD | Peter Fischer | Andreas Nachbagauer BSc | Karl-Heinz Tragl

SSA16-08     Detection of Aging-related Alterations in the Attention Network at Resting State
Hongying Zhang MD | Jing-Tao Wu MD, PhD

SSA16-09     Test-Retest Reliability of Arterial Spin Labeling in Elderly Patients with Cognitive Impairment
Steve Fung MD | Christof Karmonik | Mario Dulay | Gustavo Roman

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