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Non-Gynaecological Pelvic ‘Masses’ Presenting to the Gynaecologist

Education Exhibits

Presented on December 3, 2009


Robert James Johnson BSC, MBChB, Presenter: Nothing to Disclose
Angharad Meleri Eynon MBBCh, FRCR, Abstract Co-Author: Nothing to Disclose
Sathi Anandan Sukumar MD, Abstract Co-Author: Nothing to Disclose
Yatin Jain MBBCH, MRCS, Abstract Co-Author: Nothing to Disclose


Non-gynaecological masses arising in the pelvis may masquerade as gynaecological pathology with a potential delay in appropriate diagnosis and management. The purpose of this exhibit is to familiarise the viewer with the multimodality imaging appearances of these pelvic masses proven to be non-gynaecological by histology or follow-up.


Review of pelvic anatomy with particular attention to differentiating: Gynaecological from non-gynaecological masses Intraperitoneal from extraperitoneal masses. The imaging appearances of a variety of non-gynaecological pelvic masses are reviewed, with pathological correlation where available, including: Schwannoma & arachnoid cyst Lipoma & Spigelian hernia Lymphocele & haematoma Hydronephrosis Appendix mucocele Sigmoid mesenteric & peritoneal inclusion cysts amongst others.


Teaching points: Non-gynaecological pelvic masses may present to the gynaecologist and present a challenge to the unwary radiologist. Imaging plays an important role in determining the correct diagnosis of these lesions thus facilitating appropriate management.  

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Johnson, R, Eynon, A, Sukumar, S, Jain, Y, Non-Gynaecological Pelvic ‘Masses’ Presenting to the Gynaecologist.  Radiological Society of North America 2009 Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting, November 29 - December 4, 2009 ,Chicago IL.