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Gastrointestinal (Liver Imaging: Diffuse Disease, Steatosis)

Scientific Papers — Computed Tomography, Gastrointestinal Radiology, Magnetic Resonance Imaging,

Presented on November 28, 2007


Koenraad J. Mortele MD, Presenter: Research Consultant, Bracco Group, Milan, Italy
John Richard Leyendecker MD, Presenter: Speaker's Bureau, Bracco Group


SSK07-01     Investigation of Opposed Phase Liver Signal Intensity Loss and Visceral Fat Measurement at MR Imaging as Biomarkers of Liver Steatosis
Antonio Westphalen MD | Aliya Qayyum MD | Bahl Manisha BS | Bill Chu PhD | Phyllis Tien MD | Raphael Merriman MD

SSK07-02     Focal Fatty Infiltration in Liver Steatosis at US: Fast and Definitive Assessment with Contrast-enhanced Ultrasound
Luciano Tarantino MD | Ignazio Sordelli | Antonio Schiano | Carmine Ripa | Vincenzo Nocera

SSK07-03     Grading of Liver Fibrosis and Acute Hepatic Inflammation: Correlation of Gadolinium-enhanced MRI with Histopathology
Diego Martin MD, PhD | Puneet Sharma PhD | Thomas Lauenstein MD | Khalil Salman MD | Roger Morreira | Dana Tudorascu MS

SSK07-04     MR Imaging of HIV/HCV Hepatitis: Homogeneity and Histopathological Correlates of Apparent Diffusion Coefficient
Antonio Westphalen MD | Fergus Coakley MD | Aliya Qayyum MD | Melissa Dymond DO | Ying Lu PhD | Dan Vigneron PhD

SSK07-05     MR Imaging of Hepatic Changes in Patients with Rendu-Osler-Weber Syndrome (Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia/HHT)
Guenther Schneider MD, PhD | Peter Fries MD | Alexander Massmann MD | Roland Seidel MD | Urban Geisthoff | Katrin Altmeyer

SSK07-06     Quantification of Whole Body Adipose Tissue and Ectopic Fat by MRI and MRS in Subjects at Increased Risk for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: An Interventional Lifestyle Study
Juergen Machann MD | Claus Claussen MD | Fritz Schick MD, PhD | Gerd Liebig | Claus Thamer | Norbert Stefan | Hans-Ulrich Haring | Andreas Fritsche | et al | et al

SSK07-07     Evaluation of Esophageal Varices at Liver CT: Receiver Operating Characteristic Analyses of Radiologists’ and Endoscopists’ Performance
Dongil Choi MD | Won Jae Lee MD | Seong Hyun Kim MD | Hyojin Kim MD | Soon Jin Lee MD

SSK07-08     Hepatic Nodules Detected in Cirrhotic Patients Using High-performance MDCT and MRI: A Radiological-Pathological Correlation on Explanted Livers
Angelo Luca MD | Mariapina Milazzo | Settimo Caruso MD | Gianluca Marrone MD | Giuseppe Mamone MD | Luigi Maruzzelli MD | Roberto Miraglia MD | et al | et al

SSK07-09     Potential Conditions Causing Impairment of Selective Hepatobiliary Enhancement of Gadobenate-enhanced Delayed MR Imaging
Myeong-Jin Kim MD, PhD | Hon Soul Kim MD | Mi-Suk Park MD | Joon Seok Lim MD

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