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3D CArtesian Projection Reconstruction (CAPR) with 2D SENSE for High Temporal and Spatial Resolution CE-MRA of the Whole Brain

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Presented on November 29, 2007
Presented as part of SSQ16: Physics (Various Modalities: Nuclear Medicine, Optical, MR Imaging)


Clifton Robert Haider BS, Presenter: Nothing to Disclose
Norbert Gilles Joseph Campeau MD, Abstract Co-Author: Nothing to Disclose
John Huston MD, Abstract Co-Author: Nothing to Disclose
Stephen J. Riederer PhD, Abstract Co-Author: Nothing to Disclose


To assess temporal fidelity of MR acquisitions used in characterizing the rapid arterial to venous transit of contrast in the vasculature of the brain.


Acquisition was done with a CAPR k-space footprint in the kY-kZ space with full kX echoes and view sharing (VS). Similar to PR, the spatial PSF of the CAPR sequence is benign while the temporal PSF is consistent frame-to-frame. With VS the total acquisition time required to acquire all data for a given frame, termed time footprint, is longer than the image update time. As a starting point, the (image update time, and time footprint) of the basic sequence are (1.75 sec, 7 sec) with a spatial resolution of 1x2x6 mm3 (x,y,z). Application of 5.3-fold 2D SENSE reduces these time measurements to (0.836 sec, 3.34 sec) while allowing for an improved spatial resolution of 1x2x2 mm3. Six volunteers were imaged according to the protocol approved by our IRB at 3.0T with an eight-element head coil and 20 ml injection of contrast in a sagittal orientation.


The application of 2D SENSE allows a reduction in both the frame time and time footprint for a given spatial resolution. The transit of contrast from arterial to venous vasculature can be clearly distinguished with 0.836 sec image update times. Extending the time footprint of the sequence provides four-fold improvement in spatial resolution with acquired 1 mm3 isotropic spatial resolution. In no study was any artifact observed that adversely affected image quality.


The feasibility of depicting the vascular dynamics of the whole brain with 0.836 sec frame times and sub-2 mm isotropic resolution has been demonstrated.


MR characterization of high flow vascular abnormalities including AV malformations and dural-AV fistulas will be improved by gains in both temporal and spatial resolution.

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Haider, C, Campeau, N, Huston, J, Riederer, S, 3D CArtesian Projection Reconstruction (CAPR) with 2D SENSE for High Temporal and Spatial Resolution CE-MRA of the Whole Brain.  Radiological Society of North America 2007 Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting, November 25 - November 30, 2007 ,Chicago IL.