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Neuroradiology/Head and Neck (1.5 vs 3.0)

Scientific Papers

Presented on December 5, 2003


Franz Wippold MD, MODERATOR: Nothing to Disclose
Anton Hasso MD, MODERATOR: Nothing to Disclose


T09-1457     Intra-individual Study Comparing Standard and Half-standard Contrast Medium Dose at 3T versus 1.5T in Contrast Enhancing Brain Tumors
Carsten Krautmacher MD | Henriette Tschampa MD | Frank Traeber PhD | Winfried Willinek MD | Juergen Gieseke PhD | Hans Schild MD

T09-1458     3.0 Tesla versus 1.5 Tesla MRI of Contrast Enhancing Brain Tumors: Evaluation of T1-weighted SE, FFE, and MDEFT Sequences
Carsten Krautmacher MD | Henriette Tschampa MD | Mark Born MD | Christiane Kuhl MD | Hans Textor MD, PhD | Hans Schild MD

T09-1459     Sensitivity Encoding (SENSE) Improves Clinical Diffusion Imaging of (sub)acute Stroke at High Magnetic Fields (3T): An Intra-individual Trial
Christiane Kuhl MD | Hans Textor MD, PhD | Juergen Gieseke PhD | Sunhild Gernert | Hans Schild MD

T09-1460     Comparison Study of Diffusion-weighted Imaging with Different B-values of Cerebral Ischemic Lesions in 3T
Zhao Hilian MD | Xiang Liu MD | Jian Dai MD, PhD | He An

T09-1461     Intraindividual Comparison of Time-of-Flight MR Angiography at 3.0T and 1.5T: Does the signal Gain at High Field Lead to Diagnostic Improvement in Studies of Cerebrovascular Disease?
Winfried Willinek MD | Mark Born MD | Juergen Gieseke PhD | Horst Urbach MD | Hans Textor MD, PhD | Hans Schild MD

T09-1462     Comparison of 3 T and 1.5 T MRI for the Demonstration of Globus Pallidus Iron
Leo Wolansky MD | Moira Sweeney MA | Asma Mian MS | Bharat Biswal PhD | Vinit Gupta BA | Dipti Parikh BA | et al

T09-1463     Proton MR Spectroscopic Imaging at 3.0T with Phased-Array Coils
Peter Barker DPhil | Joseph Gillen | Xavier Golay PhD | Peter van Zijl PhD

T09-1464     Comparative Evaluation between 1.5T vs 3.0T MRI in Brain Metastasis According to Its Size
Woo Chung MD | Tae-Sub Chung MD | Jae Hoon Lee MD

T09-1465     Multiple Sclerosis: Comparative MR-Imaging at 1.5 and 3.0 Tesla
Rainald Bachmann MD | Ralf Reilmann MD | Stefan Kraemer MD | Thomas Allkemper MD | Harald Kugel PhD | Walter Heindel MD

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