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Physics CAD IX (Various Topics)

Scientific Posters

Presented on December 4, 2003


Yulei Jiang PhD, MODERATOR: Nothing to Disclose


094-p     Automatic Detection of Hemorrhage in CT Imaging of Stroke
Richard Hodgson | John Wilson | Rachel Magennis MBChB

095-p     Reduction of Intra-Observer Variability of Tumor-Volume Measurement Using the Fuzzy C-Means Algorithm
Peter Yim PhD | Matthew McAullife PhD | John Nosher MD

096-p     Computerized Automatic Detection of Breast Tumors on Three Dimensional Ultrasound Images
Hyung-Ji Lee MS | Kyong-Sik Om PhD | Jae-Ho Chung PhD | Woo Moon MD | Jung-Gi Im MD

097-p     Usefulness of Psychophysical Measures for Selection of Similar Images for Distinction between Benign and Malignant Mass Lesions on Mammograms: A Pilot Study
Chisako Muramatsu | Qiang Li PhD | Kenji Suzuki PhD | Robert Schmidt MD | Gillian Newstead MD | Kunio Doi PhD

098-p     Multi-dimensional Non-Parametric Classifier of Mammographic Lesions
Dacian Bonta MD, PhD | Maryellen Giger PhD | Li Lan MS

099-p     New Robust Semi-Automatic Method for Accurate Volumetry of White Matter Lesions
Horst Hahn PhD | Jan Rexilius MS | Burckhard Terwey MD | Carsten Lukas MD | Barbara Bellenberg PhD | Heinz-Otto Peitgen PhD

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