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Physics (CAD VIII: Thoracic CT, Others)

Scientific Papers

Presented on December 4, 2003


Samuel Armato PhD, MODERATOR: Nothing to Disclose


Q16-1336     A Consideration of Artificial Images for Classifying Diffuse Lung Opacities in Thin-section Computed Tomography Images
Yoshihiro Mitani PhD | Yuzo Tagawa | Yusuke Fujita | Naofumi Matsunaga MD, PhD | Yoshihiko Hamamoto PhD

Q16-1337     Quantitative Analysis for CT Findings of Various Interstitial Lung Diseases Using the Volume Histogram Method
Kazunari Takahei MS | Takeshi Johkoh MD, PhD | Shuji Yamamoto PhD | Mitsuhiro Koyama MD, PhD | Mitsuhiro Matsumoto MS | Hironobu Nakamura MD, PhD

Q16-1338     A High Performance Computer-aided Diagnostic Scheme for Lung Nodule Detection in Thin-slice CT Based on 3D Nodule Enhancement Filter and 3D Spiral Segmentation Technique
Qiang Li PhD | Chaotong Zhang MD | Feng Li MD, PhD | Hiroyuki Abe MD, PhD | Shusuke Sone MD | Kunio Doi PhD

Q16-1339     Texture Analysis for Automated Classification of Lung HRCT Images
Ingrid Sluimer | Paul Van Waes MD, PhD | Bram Van Ginneken PhD

Q16-1340     Growth Evaluation Using Pulmonary Nodule Doubling Time Based on CT Density Histogram
Machiko Matsui | Yoshiki Kawata PhD | Noboru Niki PhD | Hironobu Ohmatsu MD | Ryutaro Kakinuma MD | Noriyuki Moriyama MD, PhD

Q16-1341     Evaluation of Automatic Volumetric Segmentation of Lung Nodules in Standard and Low Dose CT Scans
Ori Hay MS | Dina Sifri MS | Yogesh Srinivas PhD | Rafael Wiemker PhD

Q16-1342     Segmentation of Pulmonary Nodules with 3D Active Contour Model for Computer-aided Diagnosis
Ted Way | Berkman Sahiner PhD | Lubomir Hadjiiski PhD | Heang-Ping Chan PhD | Naama Bogot MD | Philip Cascade MD | et al

Q16-1343     A Classification Method of Pulmonary Nodules Using 3-D CT Images
Yoshiki Kawata PhD | Noboru Niki PhD | Hironobu Ohmatsu MD | Ryutaro Kakinuma MD | Masahiro Kaneko MD | Noriyuki Moriyama MD, PhD

Q16-1344     Automatic Bone Removal for Head CTA: A Preliminary Review
Srikanth Suryanarayanan PhD | Rakesh Mullick PhD | Yogish Mallya MS | Christopher Wood MD | Cynthia McCullough MD, PhD | Kent Thielen MD

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