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Neuroradiology/Head and Neck (Stroke Detection II)

Scientific Papers

Presented on December 4, 2003


Jay Pillai MD, MODERATOR: Nothing to Disclose


Q11-1291     Cerebral Perfusion CT for the Monitoring of Reperfusion and the Prognostic Value in Acute Stroke Thrombolysis
Stephan Kloska MD | Darius Nabavi MD, PhD | Katrin Hense | Ernst Klotz PhD | Roman Fischbach MD | Walter Heindel MD

Q11-1292     Estimating the Size of Ischemic Regions on CT Perfusion Maps in Acute Stroke: Is Freehand Visual Segmentation Sufficient?
Luca Roccatagliata MD | Michael Lev MD | Nupur Mehta | Walter Koroshetz MD | Ramon Gonzalez MD, PhD | Pamela Schaefer MD

Q11-1293     MRI of the Superficial Temporal Artery: Is It Feasible?
Narinder Paul MD | Eli Konen MD | Timothy Roberts PhD | Yves Provost MD | Naeem Merchant MD

Q11-1294     Non-invasive Assessment of Extra-Intracranial Bypass Grafts Using Helical Computed Tomography Angiography
Eva Bueltmann MD | Peter Horn MD | Ingo Noelte | Peter Vajkoczy | Peter Schmiedek MD | Christoph Groden MD

Q11-1295     Multidetector-Row Angiography (MDCTA) for the Follow-up of Patients with High Flow Saphenous Vein Extracranial (EC)-Intracranial (IC) Bypass Graft
Vanina Finocchi MD | Alessandro Bozzao MD | Emiliano Passacantilli MD | Carlo Catalano MD | Luigi Fantozzi MD | Roberto Passariello MD

Q11-1296     Ischemic Tissue Viability within 3 Hours of Acute Stroke Onset and Before Intravenous Thrombolysis
Max Wintermark MD | Marc Reichhart MD | Guy Van Melle MD | Pierre Schnyder MD | Julien Bogousslavsky MD | Reto Meuli MD | et al

Q11-1297     CT Angiography (CTA) of the Intracranial Arteries in the Assessment of Patients with Acute Stroke: Lithuanian Experience
Jurate Dementaviciene MD | John Gomori MD | Egidijus Barkauskas MD, PhD | Gabriel Bartal MD

Q11-1298     Primary Study of Comparative Imaging in Transient Ischemic Attacks
Jie Lu MD | Kun Cheng Li MD

Q11-1299     Hemorrhagic Transformation after Cerebral Ischemia
Eleni Testempassi MD | Maria Kalomenopoulou MD | Stefanos Nikitidis | Dimitrios Chondros MD, PhD

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