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Pediatric Pediatric Neuroradiology III

Scientific Posters

Presented on December 3, 2003


Gilbert Vezina MD, MODERATOR: Nothing to Disclose


530-p     Magnetization Transfer and Diffusion MRI of Brain Tumor, Infection and Infarct in Children
Margaret Pui MD | Yong Dong Wang MD, PhD

531-p     Use of Cerebral Magnetization Transfer and Diffusion MRI in Children with Chromosome Abnormalities
Margaret Pui MD | Nina Singh MD | Yong Dong Wang MD, PhD

532-p     Limited Value of Diffusion and Magnetization Transfer Imaging in Children with Neurofibromatosis, Leukodystrophy and Encephalopathy
Margaret Pui MD | Yong Dong Wang MD, PhD | Nina Singh MD

533-p     Evaluation of Risk Factors Causing Delayed Myelination Based on an Analysis of Neonatal and Infant Brain MR Images with Reference to Their Fetal and Perinatal Backgrounds
Kyoko Enomoto MD | Atsuko Heshiki MD

534-p     The Value of Contrast Administration in MRI of the Spine in Children Under Two Years of Age
Jonathan Jennings MD | Pia Sundgren MD, PhD | Odd Eldevik MD | Myria Petrou MD | Jamal Ksar | Pavel Maly MD, PhD

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