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Physics (Image Processing: CAD V--Lung)

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Presented on December 3, 2003


Kunio Doi PhD, MODERATOR: Nothing to Disclose
Philip Judy PhD, MODERATOR: Nothing to Disclose


K19-1023     Usefulness of Advanced Computer-aided Diagnostic Scheme for Lung Cancer Diagnosis in Chest Radiographs: Observer Performance Study
Junji Shiraishi PhD | Hiroyuki Abe MD, PhD | Feng Li MD, PhD | Kyongtae Bae MD, PhD | Roger Engelmann MS | Kunio Doi PhD

K19-1024     False Positive Reduction in Computerized Detection of Lung Nodules in Chest Radiographs Using Massive Training Artificial Neural Network
Kenji Suzuki PhD | Junji Shiraishi PhD | Hiroyuki Abe MD, PhD | Kunio Doi PhD

K19-1025     Automated Detection of Pathologic Change from Temporal Subtraction Images of the Chest
Samuel Armato PhD | Michalis Aristophanous BA | Roger Engelmann MS | Charles Croteau DO | Heber MacMahon MD

K19-1026     Automated Elimination of Rib Opacities on Chest Radiographs for Computer-aided Diagnosis of Diffuse Lung Opacities
Shoji Kido MD, PhD | Shinji Sasaki MS

K19-1027     Insertion of Synthetic Pulmonary Nodules in CT Data of the Chest: Development of a Software Tool
Hoen-Oh Shin MD | Matthias Blietz | Michael Galanski MD

K19-1028     Accurate Nodule Volume Estimation from Helical CT Images: Effect of Reconstruction Filter, Slice Thickness, and Volume Estimation Method
Metin Gurcan PhD | Dag Wormanns MD | Russell Hardie PhD | Brent Allen PhD | Steven Rogers PhD | Jeffrey Hoffmeister MD

K19-1029     Interactively Guided Volumetric Segmentation Using Programmable Graphics Hardware
Anthony Sherbondy MS | Mike Houston | Sandy Napel PhD

K19-1030     Computerized Scheme for Distinction between Benign and Malignant Nodules in Thoracic Low-dose CT by Use of Massive Training Artificial Neural Network
Kenji Suzuki PhD | Qiang Li PhD | Feng Li MD, PhD | Shusuke Sone MD | Kunio Doi PhD

K19-1031     Impact of Acquisition and Reconstruction Parameters on the Accuracy of the Lung Nodule Measurement
Jiang Hsieh PhD | Kelly Karau PhD

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