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Vascular Interventional (Dialysis Grafts and Catheters)

Scientific Papers

Presented on December 1, 2003


Karim Valji MD, MODERATOR: Nothing to Disclose
Marc Sapoval MD, PhD, MODERATOR: Nothing to Disclose


E09-464     Prevalence of Stenosis in Dysfunctional Autogenous Native Fistulas and Outcome Following Percutaneous Angioplasty
Sarah Bunston | Dheeraj Rajan MD | Sanjay Misra MD

E09-465     Endovascular Radiation Therapy for Venous Stenosis in Dialysis Grafts: Initial Experience with the BRAVO Study
Darryl Zuckerman MD | Sanjay Misra MD | Prabir Roy-Chaudhury MD

E09-466     A Comparison of the Ashsplit Catheter with the Permcath for Catheter Haemodialysis
Aoife Keeling MD | Helena O'Dwyer MD | Stuart Lyon MBBS | Michael Lee MD

E09-467     Transhepatic Catheter Access for Hemodialysis
John Ryan MD | Donal Reddan MD | Tony Smith MD

E09-468     Preliminary Experience with the Life-Site Hemodialysis Access
Jaime Tisnado MD | Timothy Maroney MD | Robert Cirillo MD | Adrienne Romano | Uma Prasad MD | Janice Newsome MD

E09-0     Hot Topic: RF Tumor Ablation: Reduced Tumor Growth with Adjuvant External Beam Radiation in a Rat Breast Tumor Model
Clare Horkan MD | Kshitij Dalal MD | Damian Dupuy MD | Jingli Liu Kiger MS | Jeffrey Coderre PhD | Shraga Goldberg MD

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