President's Address: A Matter of Perspective: Putting a New Lens on Our Patient Interactions

Sunday, Dec. 1 8:30AM - 10:15AM Room: Arie Crown Theater

Valerie P. Jackson, MD, Tucson, AZ (Presenter) Nothing to Disclose
Ronald L. Arenson, MD, Mill Valley, CA (Presenter) Scientific Advisory Board, Imagion Biosystems; Consultant, Arterys Inc; Consultant, Ziteo Medical


In recent years, the benefit that is gained when radiologists interact directly with their patients has been the subject of increasing discussion. A variety of new developments within radiology - and in medicine in general - make this concept more relevant today than ever. As the issue of physician burnout continues to grow, for example, we begin to recognize that connecting on a human level with our patients can counteract stress by adding deeper meaning to our work. Other trends, such as value-based care, team-based delivery models and the rise of artificial intelligence each add, in their own ways, to a new rationale for radiologists to seek opportunities to reach out more directly to patients. While challenges remain - ranging from high case volumes to an RVU-based compensation system that de-incentivizes increased patient contact - it is in our best interests as radiologists to forge new, more beneficial relationships with those we serve. The key to progress is in changing our perspectives and approaches - toward patients, referring physicians and our own profession - and reimagining new ways of working together.

Printed on: 10/29/20