RSNA 2018

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Medical Imaging Analytics & AI: Technologies and Solutions for Better Healthcare Today and in the Future: Presented by Intel®

Wednesday, Nov. 28 9:00AM - 10:30AM Room: S101AB


Dave Ryan, Intel Corp.; Prashant Shah, Intel Corp.; Parsa Mirhaji, MD, Ph.D., Einstein and Montefiore; Gene Saragnese, MaxQ AI; Eliot Siegel, MD, Veterans Affairs Maryland Healthcare System; Lei Xing, MD, Ph.D., Stanford University; Greg Zaharchuk, MD, Ph.D, Stanford University; Eric King, Intel Corp.


Artificial Intelligence is disrupting the medical imaging market with technologies and solutions to improve clinician workflow and enable clinicians to address unmet needs of patients. This session will look at the adoption of AI in Medical Imaging from multiple perspectives. Section 1: Introduction to AI technologies that are most relevant for medical imaging today including deep learning and computer vision that drive enhanced performance and increase clinician productivity. Section 2: Real examples of AI at work today. AI is already helping to augment radiologists' work, reducing mundane tasks and helping identify the most complex cases for them to target their expertise involving Deep Learning and Computer Vision. Section 3: There is an exploding startup ecosystem at the intersection of AI and Medical Imaging. We'll look at the disruptors poised to change medical imaging in the next 3 to 5 years.