RSNA 2016

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Gamification in Sonography Education: Why, How and What

All Day Room: IN Community, Learning Center

Henner Bendig, Flensburg, Germany (Abstract Co-Author) Nothing to Disclose
Michael Teistler, PhD, Flensburg, Germany (Presenter) Nothing to Disclose

Understand the motivation behind gamification in radiology education: Applying concepts of computer games to enhance learning outcome by increased motivation and immersion Learn about designing a learning game for sonography training Experience a game that was developed to improve understanding about spatial relationships in sonography


1. Why:Motivation behind gamification in radiology education2. How:a) Game design for an educational ("serious") game to support sonography trainingb) Utilization of a game engine for 3D and 2D visualization3. What (Hands-On):Play the sonography game: Use a 3d game controller as virtual ultrasound probe to solve various tasks, improve your skills, increase your score, go to the next level, have fun while learning