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Informatics Thursday Poster Discussions

Scientific Posters — Informatics,

Presented on December 4, 2014


Christopher Ross Deible MD, PhD, Moderator: Nothing to Disclose


INS168     Patient-centered Imaging: The Effect of Radiologists’ Protocolling Imaging Requests
Andrew Moriarity MD | Matthew O'Brien MD | Chad Klochko MS, MD | Safwan Halabi MD

INS169     Texture Analysis with Predictive Modeling of Solid Appearing Pancreatic Serous Cystadenomas versus Neuroendocrine Tumors
Franco Verde MD | Siva Raman MD | Yifei Chen BS | Elliot Fishman MD | Peng Huang | Linda Chu MD

INS170     Shape Constrained Active Contour Model for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Image Segmentation
Weixin Si | Weiming Wang PhD | Zhiyong Yuan PhD | Pheng Ann Heng PhD

INS171     Important Non-Urgent Imaging Findings: Use of a Hybrid Digital/Administrative Support Tool for Facilitating Clinician Communication
Evan Johnson MD | Andrew Rosenkrantz MD | Joseph Sanger MD

INE120     Fundamentals of Texture Analysis and Potential Uses in Clinical Imaging
Hei Shun Yu MD | Karen Buch MD | Brian Tischler MD | Baojun Li PhD | Akifumi Fujita MD | Jorge Soto MD | Hernan Jara PhD | Osamu Sakai MD, PhD | Stephan Anderson MD | Naznin Daginawala MD | John Carrino MD, MPH | Charles Kahn MD, MS | Pattanasak Mongkolwat PhD | Marc Kohli MD | Woojin Kim MD | Amy Hara MD | Eric Tamm MD

INE035-b     Emergency Medicine and Diagnostic Radiology Data Sharing for Improved Quality Assurance
Christopher Meenan | Mark Daly BS | Kevin Hamilton BS | Dan Lemkin MD | Wayne LaBelle | Steven Horii MD | Charles Kahn MD, MS | William Weadock MD | Amy Hara MD | Marc Kohli MD | Eric Tamm MD

INE036-b     Personalized Medicine: A New Paradigm of Decision Support using the Prostate, Lung, Colorectal and Ovarian Cancer Screening Trial Dataset
Arjun Sharma MD | James Morrison MD | Jason Hostetter MD | Kenneth Wang MD, PhD | Eliot Siegel MD | Katherine Andriole PhD | Barton Branstetter MD | Wyatt Tellis PhD | Amy Hara MD | Marc Kohli MD | Eric Tamm MD

INE038-b     Informed Consent: A New Model for Patient Education
Johanna Schubert MD | Adam DeFoe MD | Louis Morel MD | Attila Csordas MD | Sean Pietrini MD | Shawn Stone | Emanuele Neri MD | Osman Ratib MD, PhD | Nabile Safdar MD | Amy Hara MD | Marc Kohli MD | Eric Tamm MD

INE041-b     Computerized Detection and Classification of Pulmonary Pathologies from CT Images: Current Approaches, Challenges, and Future Trends
Awais Mansoor PhD | Ulas Bagci PhD, MSc | Ziyue Xu PhD | Brent Foster | Georgios Papadakis MD | Ken Olivier | Jason Elinoff | Anthony Suffredini MD | Jayaram Udupa PhD | Daniel Mollura MD | Frederick Behlen PhD | Edward Escott MD | Emanuele Neri MD | Tessa Cook MD, PhD | Ross Filice MD | Amy Hara MD | Marc Kohli MD | Eric Tamm MD

INE042-b     Normalization of the Reconstruction Kernel Effects with Image-based Kernel Conversion Technique in the Measurement of Emphysema Index in CT
Hyeongmin Jin | Jong Kim PhD | Adam Flanders MD | Donald Harrington MD | William Weadock MD | Amy Hara MD | Marc Kohli MD | Eric Tamm MD

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