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Physics (Computed Tomography II: Dual-energy/Spectral CT)

Scientific Papers — Computed Tomography, Physics and Basic Science,

Presented on December 1, 2014


Jeffrey H. Siewerdsen PhD, Moderator: Research Grant, Siemens AG Consultant, Siemens AG Research Grant, Carestream Health, Inc Royalties, Elekta AB
Katsuyuki Taguchi PhD, Moderator: Research Grant, Siemens AG


SSC12-01     Comparison of Estimated Organ Doses with Two Radiation Dose Estimation Software
Atul Padole MD | Sarabjeet Singh MD | Yiming Gao | Ranish Deedar Ali Khawaja MD | Diego Lira MD | George Xu PhD | Mannudeep Kalra MD | Bob Liu PhD | Da Zhang PhD | Madan Rehani

SSC12-02     Differentiation of Low-attenuation Intracranial Hemorrhage and Calcification Using Dual-energy Computed Tomography in a Phantom System
Jessica Nute MS | Megan Jacobsen | Jim Pennington | Dawid Schellingerhout MD | Adam Chandler PhD | Dianna Cody PhD

SSC12-03     Dose Efficiency of Virtual Non-contrast Imaging from Optimal kV Combination in Dual-energy CT
Lifeng Yu PhD | Joshua Grimes PhD | Shuai Leng PhD | Joel Fletcher MD | Cynthia McCollough PhD

SSC12-04     Use of Dynamic Focal Spot Control to Reduce Focal Spot Blooming in CT, and Its Impact on High-contrast Spatial Resolution
Xinhui Duan PhD | Joshua Grimes PhD | Lifeng Yu PhD | Shuai Leng PhD | Cynthia McCollough PhD

SSC12-05     Value of an Advanced Image-based Technique to Calculate Virtual Monoenergetic CT Images Using Third-generation Dual-energy Dual-source CT to Improve Contrast-to-Noise Ratio in Liver Examinations
U. Joseph Schoepf MD | Carlo Nicola de Cecco MD | James Spearman | Christian Canstein | Felix Meinel MD | Philip Costello MD | Andrew Hardie MD

SSC12-06     Preliminary Results of a Prototype Quality Control Process for Spectral CT
Jessica Nute MS | Megan Jacobsen | Jim Pennington | Adam Chandler PhD | Yasuhiro Imai MS | Dianna Cody PhD

SSC12-07     Incremental Benefit and Clinical Significance of Retrospectively Obtained Spectral Data in a Novel Spectral Detector CT Technology- Initial Experiences and Results
Prabhakar Rajiah MD, FRCR | Claudia Martinez Rios Arellano MD | Robert Gilkeson MD | Luis Landeras MD | Rong Rong MD

SSC12-08     Performance of Today’s Dual Energy CT and Future Multi Energy CT in Virtual Non Contrast Imaging and in Iodine Quantification  
Sebastian Faby DIPLPHYS | Stefan Kuchenbecker MENG | Marc Kachelriess PhD | Michael Lell MD | Heinz-Peter Schlemmer MD | David Simons MD

SSC12-09     Dual-Energy Imaging of Bone Marrow Edema on a Dedicated Extremities Cone-Beam CT System
Wojciech Zbijewski PhD | Alejandro Sisniega PhD | Joseph Stayman PhD | Gaurav Thawait MD | Shadpour Demehri MD | Jan Fritz MD | Jeffrey Siewerdsen PhD

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