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Physics (Non-Conventional Techniques)

Scientific Papers — Computed Tomography, Physics and Basic Science,

Presented on November 30, 2014


Guang-Hong Chen PhD, Moderator: Research funded, General Electric Company Research funded, Siemens AG Research funded, Varian Medical Systems, Inc Research funded, Hologic, Inc
Rebecca Fahrig PhD, Moderator: Research Grant, Siemens AG Research Consultant, Siemens AG


SSA20-01     Patient-tailored IV Contrast Injections for CT: A Feasibility Study
Walter Coudyzer | Dirk Vanbeckevoort MD | Federica Zanca PhD | Adriana Dubbeldam | Geert Maleux MD, PhD

SSA20-02     Fusing Microwave Radar Imaging with Digital Breast Tomosynthesis for High Contrast, High Resolution Breast Cancer Detection
Richard Moore | Carey Rappaport PhD | Daniel Kopans MD | Richard Obermeier | Emma Kaeli | Matt Tivnan | Jose Martinez Lorenzo PhD

SSA20-03     Adapting Injection Protocols for CT Imaging at Low kV: Benefits and Risks
Johannes Korporaal PhD | Hatem Alkadhi MD | Michael Lell MD | Hubertus Pietsch PhD | Gregor Jost PhD | Bernhard Schmidt PhD | Thomas Flohr PhD

SSA20-04     MR-compatibility of Peripheral Self Expanding Nitinol Stents for 1.5 T and 3.0 T: Measuring RF Induced Heating and MR-artifact according to ASTM Standard F2182-11a and F2119-07
Felix Guettler | Andreas Heinrich | Florian Schlesies | Ulf Teichgraeber MD

SSA20-05     A Standard for Mechanical Compression in Mammography?
Woutjan Branderhorst PhD | Jerry De Groot MS | Mireille Broeders PhD | Cornelis Grimbergen PhD | Gerard den Heeten MD, PhD

SSA20-06     X-ray Fluorescence Computed Tomography Induced by Photon, Electron, and Proton Beams
Magdalena Bazalova | Lei Xing PhD | Rebecca Fahrig PhD

SSA20-07     Effect of KV on CT Radiation Dose: Internal Organ Dosimetry in a Human Cadaver
Diego Lira MD | Ranish Deedar Ali Khawaja MD | Atul Padole MD | Alexi Otrakji MD | Sarabjeet Singh MD | Mannudeep Kalra MD | Bob Liu PhD | Da Zhang PhD | George Xu PhD

SSA20-08     CT Image Contrast of Seven High-Z Elements within a 32 cm Phantom and Using Various Additional X-ray Filters
Paul Fitzgerald | Robert Colborn PhD | Peter Edic | Benjamin Yeh MD | Andrew Torres PhD

SSA20-09     Numerical Investigation of the Potential for MR-induced Temperature Increase to Affect Distributions of Temperature, Metabolic Rate, and FDG Uptake in MR/PET
Christopher Collins PhD | Yu-Shin Ding PhD | Giuseppe Carluccio PhD

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