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Musculoskeletal Imaging (Infection and Arthritis)

Scientific Papers — Musculoskeletal Radiology, Magnetic Resonance Imaging,

Presented on December 3, 2014


Andrea Klauser MD, Moderator: Nothing to Disclose
Mary Margaret Chiavaras MD, PhD, Moderator: Nothing to Disclose


SSK14-01     Percutaneous Image Guided Biopsy of Osteomyelitis Has Low Impact on Guiding Antibiotic Management: A Retrospective Analysis of 63 Bone Biopsies
Nicholas Said MD, MBA | Nicholas Nacey MD

SSK14-02     Infective Tenosynovitis: Usefulness of MRI and Ultrasonography
Abhishek Jha | DEEPAK RAGHAV | Ibne Ahmad MBBS, MD | Prakhar Gupta | Ajay Gupta | Sanjog Tewari

SSK14-03     Synovial Fluid 1-H MRS as an Imaging Biomarker for the Diagnosis of Knee Joint Osteoarthritis and the Evaluation of Disease Progression
Ettore Squillaci MD | Francesca Bolacchi | Marco Antonicoli | Simone Altobelli | Giovanni Simonetti MD | Alberto bergamini

SSK14-04     Single Source Dual Energy Computed Tomography in Soft Tissue Crystal Depositions - First Experience in a Phantom Study
Torsten Diekhoff | Kay-Geert Hermann MD

SSK14-05     MR Imaging of Enthesitis in the Lumbar Spine in Suspected Spondyloarthritis: Gadolinium vs. STIR
Christoph Agten MD | Veronika Zubler | Andrea Rosskopf MD | Christian Pfirrmann MD, MBA

SSK14-06     DEMRIQ: A Dynamic Contrast Enhanced MRI Quantification Method for Objective Assessment of Treatment Response in Patients with Inflammatory Arthritis
Olga Kubassova PhD,MSc | Mikkel Ostergaard | Henning Bliddal MD, PhD | Marco Cimmino MD | Mette Axelsen MD | Rene Poggenborg MD | Rasmus Bouert | Anshul Rastogi MBBS, FRCR | Nikolay Tzaribachev | Mark Hinton | Mikael Boesen PhD | Peter Taylor BMBCh, FRCR, MA, PhD

SSK14-07     Simultaneous [18]F-Fluoride PET/MRI in Patients with Axial Spondyloarthritis: A Feasibility Study and Comparison of Lesions in the Sacroiliacal Joints and the Spine
Benedikt Schaarschmidt MD | Karsten Beiderwellen MD | Gerald Antoch MD | Christian Buchbender | Verena Ruhlmann | Xenofon Baraliakos MD

SSK14-08     In vivo Diffusion-weighted MR Imaging of Joint Fluid with Low and High B-values: Potential for Differentiation between Underlying Arthritis
Sohee Yoon MD | Wook Jin | Geon-Ho Jahng PhD | Seong Jong Yun | So Young Park | Ji Seon Park MD, PhD | Kyung Nam Ryu MD, PhD | Jung Eun Lee | Hyug-Gi Kim

SSK14-09     Feasibility Study to Estimate the Performance of Single-source Dual Energy CT Scans and Non-rigid 3D Anatomic Registration for Identifying Monosodium Urate Crystals
Katrina Glazebrook MBChB | Shuai Leng PhD | Rickey Carter PhD | Cynthia McCollough PhD | Naveen Murthy MD | Maria Shiung

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