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Informatics (3D, Quantitative and Advanced Visualization)

Scientific Papers — Computed Tomography, Informatics,

Presented on December 2, 2014


David S. Hirschorn MD, Moderator: Nothing to Disclose
Asim F. Choudhri MD, Moderator: Nothing to Disclose
Safwan Halabi MD, Moderator: Nothing to Disclose


SSG07-01     Classification of Renal Masses Using CT Texture Analysis: Generation of A Predictive Model on the Basis of Quantitative Spatial Frequency Measurements and Random Forest Modeling
Siva Raman MD | James Schroeder MD,PhD | Elliot Fishman MD | Yifei Chen BS | Peng Huang

SSG07-02     A Four-dimensional Segmentation Algorithm for Accurate Reproduction of 3D-printed Coronary Arteries from Clinical Coronary CT Angiography
Dimitris Mitsouras PhD | Kurt Schultz RT | Gerald Grant DMD, MS | Frank Rybicki MD, PhD

SSG07-03     Application of 3D Printing in Face Transplantation
Amir Imanzadeh MD | Maximilian Kueckelhaus MD | Kanako Kumamaru MD, PhD | Nicole Wake MS | Bohdan Pomahac MD | Frank Rybicki MD, PhD | Dimitris Mitsouras PhD | Elizabeth George MD | Gerald Grant DMD, MS | Peter Liacouras PhD | Edward Caterson MD, PhD

SSG07-04     Semi-Automated Quantification of Donor Kidney Volume Applied to a Predictive Model for Outcomes in Renal Transplantation
Krishna Juluru MD | Jessica Rotman MD | Paul Masi | Robert Spandorfer | Choli Hartono MD | Ashley Giambrone PhD | Carl Ceraolo | David Serur MD

SSG07-05     CT Texture Analysis of Histologically Proven Benign and Malignant Lung Lesions
Roberto Lo Gullo MD | Mannudeep Kalra MD | Atul Padole MD | Alexi Otrakji MD | Jo-Anne Shepard MD | Subba Digumarthy MD | Sarabjeet Singh MD | Ranish Deedar Ali Khawaja MD

SSG07-06     Accuracy and Reproducibility of Automated, Standardized Transluminal Attenuation Gradient (TAG) Measurements in Coronary Computed Tomography Angiography (CCTA)
Elizabeth George MD | Dimitris Mitsouras PhD | Yiannis Chatzizisis MD | Tianrun Cai MD | Frank Rybicki MD, PhD | Richard Mather PhD | Urvi Fulwadhva MD | Kanako Kumamaru MD, PhD | Kurt Schultz RT | Yasuko Fujisawa MS | Michael Steigner MD | Ron Blankstein MD | Carlos Rassi

SSG07-07     Incremental Value of Minimum Intensity Projection Images on Hepatobiliary Phase Imaging for Detection of Hepatic Lesions
Sheela Agarwal MD, MS | Duangkamon Prapruttam MD | Sandeep Hedgire MD | Jennifer Uyeda MD | Cinthia Cruz MD | Mukesh Harisinghani MD

SSG07-08     A Novel Technique for Organ Segmentation Utilizing Dynamic Contrast Enhanced Multiphase Datasets
Krishna Juluru MD | Elizabeth Weidman MD | Jonathan Dyke PhD | Sadaf Jalili MS, RRA | Pascal Spincemaille PhD

SSG07-09     Semi-automated 3D Segmentation of Livers Using User-defined Landmarks in CT Images
Wenli Cai PhD | Difei Lu | Yin Wu | Gordon Harris PhD

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