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ISP: Informatics (Quality and Safety)

Scientific Papers — Informatics, Safety and Quality,

Presented on December 3, 2014


Woojin Kim MD, Moderator: Co-founder, Montage Healthcare Solutions, Inc Shareholder, Montage Healthcare Solutions, Inc Board of Directors, Montage Healthcare Solutions, Inc Advisory Board, Zebra Diagnostics Ltd
Stuart R. Pomerantz MD, Moderator: Research Grant, General Electric Company


SSK12-01     Informatics Keynote Speaker: Quality Metrics—It's Time to Do It Right
Woojin Kim MD

SSK12-02     The Truth Behind the Fiction: Erroneous Clinical Information in Electronic Radiology Requests
Maria Twomey MBChB, FFR(RCSI) | Fiachra Moloney MBBCh, MRCPI | Jennifer Sammon MBBCh | Jennifer Murphy MBBCh, MRCPI | Kevin O Regan MD | Michael Maher MD, FRCR

SSK12-03     Contextual CT Radiation Exposure Sentinel Event Detection
Sam Weisenthal BA | Ari Seff | Xiao Zhang PhD | Jianhua Yao PhD | Les Folio DO, MPH | Ronald Summers MD, PhD

SSK12-04     Adherence to Standard Nomenclature in CT Protocols: Assessing Consistency of Existing Naming Conventions Used in Clinical Operations
Jenifer Siegelman MD, MPH | Matthew Raffol MA | Mohammad Hadi Bagheri MD | Ramin Khorasani MD | Aaron Sodickson MD, PhD

SSK12-05     HITECH Act: The Critical Missing Encryption Tools to Comply
Nogah Haramati MD | Anne Krok | Karen Sperling MD | Shlomit Goldberg-Stein MD | Malka Finkelstein MD | Shari Friedman MD | Mony Weschler MSC, BSC

SSK12-06     The Radiologist’s Workflow Environment: Evaluation of Disruptors and Potential Implications
John-Paul Yu MD, PhD | Akash Kansagra MD | John Mongan MD, PhD

SSK12-07     Adult CT Dose Monitoring Using Web Based Radiation Dose Tracking Software
Kevin Murphy MBBCh, MRCS | Maria Twomey MBChB, FFR(RCSI) | James Ryan | Kate Carey | Patrick Nicholson MBBCh | Niamh Moore | Mary-Jane Murphy | Michael Sheehy | Owen O'Connor MBBCh | Michael Maher MD, FRCR

SSK12-08     Radiation Feedback to Improve Awareness and Decrease Dose
Michael Bazylewicz MD | Ross Filice MD

SSK12-09     Story of Stickr - Design and Usage of an Automated Biopsy Follow Up Tool
Marc Kohli MD | Aaron Kamer MD

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