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Physics (CT Reconstruction)

Scientific Formal (Paper) Presentations — Computed Tomography, Physics and Basic Science,

Presented on November 29, 2012


Xiangyang Tang PhD, Presenter: Nothing to Disclose
Bruno De Man PhD, Presenter: Employee, General Electric Company


SSQ18-01     Analysis of Image Quality and Contrast in Computed Tomography Coronary Angiography Using a 4D Iterative Reconstruction Algorithm
Rainer Raupach PhD | Thomas Allmendinger | Bernhard Schmidt PhD | Thomas Flohr PhD | Herbert Bruder

SSQ18-02     Multi-Institutional Quantitative Evaluation of the Impact of IR for Three Commercial CT Vendors at Three Dose Levels Using Forced Choice Reader Study
Eliot Siegel MD | Joseph Chen MD | Ehsan Samei PhD | Zhitong Yang PhD | Christopher Trimble MD, MBA | Olav Christianson | Alden Dima MS | James Filliben | Adele Peskin | Ganesh Saiprasad MS

SSQ18-03     Advanced 3D Statistical Reconstruction and Incorporation of Prior Knowledge for High-Quality, Low-Dose C-Arm Cone-Beam CT in Image-Guided Interventions
Jeffrey Siewerdsen PhD | Joseph Stayman PhD | Wojciech Zbijewski PhD | Yoshito Otake | Yifu Ding | Hao Dang | Sebastian Schafer | Gary Gallia | Marc Sussman

SSQ18-04     Enhanced Temporal Resolution in Computed Tomography of the Heart Using a Novel CT Image Reconstruction Algorithm: Initial Patient Experience
U. Joseph Schoepf MD | Ullrich Ebersberger MD | Paul Apfaltrer MD | Harald Schoendube PhD | Thomas Allmendinger | Andreas Schindler | Thomas Flohr PhD

SSQ18-05     Iterative Model Reconstruction Technique For Ultra Low Noise, Low Dose CT
Barry Daly MD | Seth Kligerman MD | Deepa Natarajamani | Barton Lane MD | Katrina Read MS | Amar Dhanantwari

SSQ18-06     Running Prior for Patient Motion Correction in Low Dose 4D (3D+Time) Interventional Flat Detector CT
Marcus Brehm | Marc Kachelriess PhD | Barbara Flach | Soenke Bartling MD | Jan Kuntz

SSQ18-07     Assessment of Image Quality with Filtered Back Projection and Iterative Reconstruction Technique (ASiR ) for Low Dose and Ultra Low Dose in an Anthropomorphic Phantom
Dushyant Sahani MD | Gaurav Desai MBBS | Michael Zalis MD | Avinash Kambadakone MD, FRCR

SSQ18-08     Reducing MDCT Radiation Dose with Adaptive Iterative Dose Reduction (AIDR): Comparative Evaluation on Abdominal Exams
Ronaldo Baroni MD | Daniella Pinho MD | Adriano Tachibana MD | Marcelo Funari MD | Fernanda Abatepaulo | Caroline Amoedo MD

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