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Physics (Multi-energy CT)

Scientific Formal (Paper) Presentations — Computed Tomography, Physics and Basic Science,

Presented on November 27, 2012


Michael D. Silver PhD, Presenter: Employee, Toshiba Corporation
Roland Proksa, Presenter: Employee, Koninklijke Philips Electronics NV


SSG16-01     Radiation Dose Efficiency Improvement in Photon-counting CT Using Prior Image Constrained Compressed Sensing
Stephen Brunner BS | Guang-Hong Chen PhD | Yinsheng Li

SSG16-02     Evaluation of Scattered Radiation in Cone-Beam Dual-Energy X-ray CT with Monte Carlo Simulation
Shuji Koyama PhD | Yoichi Yamazaki PhD | Naohiro Toda PhD | Kenta Tokumoto

SSG16-03     Preliminary Research of Spectral CT Imaging in Evaluating Histodifferentiation of Gastric Cancer Quantitatively
Yunjing Xue MD | Qing Duan | Lihong Chen | Jin Wei | Bin Sun

SSG16-04     Automatic Assessment of Calcium Scores from Contrast-Enhanced Dual-Source Coronary CT Angiography
U. Joseph Schoepf MD | Ullrich Ebersberger MD | Garrett Rowe BS | James Spears BS | Roman Goldenberg PhD | Dov Eilot PhD | Alon Lev PhD

SSG16-05     Quantitative Measurement of Iodine in Liver Tissue Homogenate with Material Decomposition Algorithm via Fast kVp Switching Dual Energy CT: An Experimental Study
Xiaoying Wang MD | Jian-Xing Qiu MD | Xiaochao Guo | Juan Hu

SSG16-06     Can Gemstone Spectral Imaging Differentiate the Composition of Calcium Kidney Stone? An Experimental Study Compared with Conventional Polychromatic Imaging (120kVp)
Xiaohu Li | Bin Liu MD | Yongqiang Yu MD

SSG16-07     Dual Energy Spectral CT Abdominal Aortography with 50% Iodine Dose Reduction:  Vascular Contrast HU Density, Noise, and Subjective Image Quality
William Shuman MD | Lee Mitsumori MD, MS | Janet Busey MS | Eunice Choi BS | Kent Koprowicz

SSG16-08     Can Virtual Monochromatic Image with Dual-Energy CT Correct Beam Hardening Effect and Reduce Contrast Agent? Phantom Experiment
Tomoko Hyodo MD | Takamichi Murakami MD, PhD | Masayuki Kudo PhD, RT | Koji Yamada RT | Souma Sengupta MS

SSG16-09     Comparing CT Attenuation Variability in the Pelvis After Hip Metal Hardware Placement Using Single-Source Dual-Energy CT Standard and Metal Artifact Reduction Software
Charles Schmidtlein PHD | Sinchun Hwang MD | Tunc Iyriboz MD | Chimere Mba-Jonas MD

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