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Physics (Non-conventional CT Imaging)

Scientific Formal (Paper) Presentations — Computed Tomography, Physics and Basic Science,

Presented on November 26, 2012


Jeffrey H. Siewerdsen PhD, Presenter: Advisory Board, Siemens AG Advisory Board, Carestream Health, Inc Research Grant, Siemens AG Research Grant, Carestream Health, Inc
Stephen Rudin PhD, Presenter: Research Grant, Toshiba Corporation


SSE21-01     Spectrum of Noise Equivalent Quanta NEQ(k) – Differential Phase Contrast CT vs Conventional CT
Xiangyang Tang PhD | Yi Yang PhD | Shaojie Tang PhD

SSE21-02     Vulnerable Coronary Plaque Detection with Photon-counting X-ray CT Including Compensation for Spectral Distortions
George Fung PhD | Jochen Cammin PhD | Katsuyuki Taguchi PhD | Somesh Srivastava PhD

SSE21-03     Performance Evaluation of Fast Data Acquisition Methods in Differential Phase Contrast CT
Nicholas Bevins PhD | Joseph Zambelli PhD | Ke Li MS | Guang-Hong Chen PhD

SSE21-04     Integration of a CT Detector’s Photo-Diode and Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) into a Single Application-Specific-Integrated Circuit: Impact on Image Noise and Artifacts in a Clinical CT System
Cynthia McCollough PhD | Shuai Leng PhD | Thomas Allmendinger | Katharine Grant PhD | Bernhard Schmidt PhD | Xinhui Duan PhD | Jia Wang PhD

SSE21-05     Characterization of Brain Foci of Susceptibility into Hemorrhagic or Calcific Etiologies Using Gemstone Spectral Imaging-CT: Preliminary Work in a Phantom System
Dianna Cody PhD | Jessica Nute MS | Lucia Le Roux PhD | Adam Chandler PhD | Dawid Schellingerhout MD

SSE21-06     X-ray Phase Contrast Imaging in the Dark Field: Implementation and Preliminary Evaluation Using Tissue Specimens
Tetsuya Yuasa PhD | Rajiv Gupta PhD, MD | Synho Do PHD | Masami Ando | Andrea Schmitz | Naoki Sunaguchi PhD | Yanlin Wu MS | Susanne Lee PhD

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