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Scientific Informal (Poster) Presentations

Presented on December 1, 2011


James C.H. Chu PhD, Presenter: Research grant, Varian Medical Systems, Inc
Kamil M. Yenice PhD, Presenter: Nothing to Disclose


LL-PHS-TH10A     Four-dimensional Image Processing of Daily Cone-Beam CT Volumes
Mehran Zaini PhD,MS | W Jackson MS | Kellen Thuo MS

LL-PHS-TH10B     Design, Construction, and Testing of a Pelvis Anthropomorphic Phantom for Brachytherapy Dose Distribution Studies
Jose Villarreal- Barajas PhD | Sean Blancher

LL-PHS-TH11A     Comparison of Noise Reduction Effect with Adaptive Statistical Iterative Reconstruction (ASIR) at Different Settings of Noise Index: A Phantom Study
Xiao Zhu Lin BA | Yun Shen PhD | Bin Zhu MD, PhD | Kefeng Zhou | Junkun Chen | Xiaoyan Xin MPH | Hua Xu MMED

LL-PHS-TH11B     Noise Propagation in PET/CT through CT-based Attenuation Correction: Effects of Low-Dose CT Imaging
Matthias Werner MD | Christina Pfannenberg MD | Carina Fredriksson | Thomas Beyer | Cristina Lois PhD | Jürgen Kupferschläger | Henriette Heners

LL-PHS-TH12A     Comparison of Two HYPR Schemes in CT Cerebral Perfusion Map Accuracy and Their Impact on Radiation Dose Reduction
Howard Rowley MD | Guang-Hong Chen PhD | Yinghua Tao BEng | Kari Pulfer

LL-PHS-TH12B     Feasibility of Radiation Dose Reduction in 320 Detector-row Body Computed Tomography Using Iterative Reconstruction: A Phantom Study
Edwin Van Beek MD, PhD | Michelle Williams MBCHB, BSC | Fraser Millar | Nick Weir PhD

LL-PHS-TH13A     FDG-based Uptake Volume Histograms: A Novel Venue towards Biological Target Volumes for Radiotherapy Treatment Planning
Nada Tomic MS | Francois Deblois PhD | Slobodan Devic PhD | Huriyyah Mohammed | Saad Aldelaijan | Jan Seuntjens PhD | Sergio Faria

LL-PHS-TH13B     The Clinical Utility of Estimated Blood Dosimetry by Remote External Radiation Measurement of Whole-Body Radioiodine Retention and Formulated Calculation in the Advanced DTC Patients during Hospitalization
Yu Wen Chen MD,MA | Yung-Chang Lai | Han Wen Chen MD | Pi Jung Hsiao

LL-PHS-TH1A     Tetrahedron-Beam Computed Tomography (TBCT): Next Generation Online Imaging System for Image-guided Radiotherapy
Tiezhi Zhang PhD | Xiaochao Xu PhD | Joshua Kim

LL-PHS-TH1B     A kVCBCT Scan Protocol Optimizer for Individual Patient Undergoing IGRT
Jun Deng PhD | Yibao Zhang | Shanglian Bao | Ravinder Nath PhD

LL-PHS-TH2A     Efficacy of ³¹P MRS in Evaluation of Hepatocellular Carcinoma Response to Targeted Radiation Therapy
Kumaresan Sandrasegaran MD | Anshuman Panda MS | Ulrike Dydak PhD | Scott Jones MS

LL-PHS-TH2B     Hyperpolarized Helium-3 Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Emphysema and Airway Function for Radiation Therapy Guidance in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
Grace Parraga PhD | Lindsay Mathew BSc | Roya Etemad-Rezai MD | George Rodrigues MD | Jacob Van Dyk MSc | David McCormack MD

LL-PHS-TH3A     Cone-Beam CT with Flexible Image Trajectories to Improve Image Quality and Longitudinal Coverage for Radiotherapy Patient:  Daily-Imaging  Concept Simulation and Digital Phantom Study
Hua Li PhD | Deshan Yang PhD | Sreekrishna Murty Goddu PhD | Wade Thorstad MD

LL-PHS-TH3B     ALARA for IGRT: Low Dose Image Guidance for Markerless Motion Monitoring
Dan Ruan PhD | Stephen Tenn | Daniel Low PhD

LL-PHS-TH4B     Is There a Future Role for MRI in Radiation Therapy Image Guidance?
Peter Metcalfe PhD | Brad Oborn PhD | Lois Holloway PhD | Geoff Delaney FRANZC | Michael Barton FRANZC | Anatoly Rosenfeld PhD | Paul Keall PhD

LL-PHS-TH5A     Uncertainty Associated with the Use of Image Guidance to Mitigate Inter-Fraction Setup Errors from Patient Positioning and Organ Motion in Radiation Therapy
Emilie Soisson PhD

LL-PHS-TH5B     Initial Results of Reduction the Beam-hardening Artifact from Iodine Contrast Agent in High-Definition CT Gemstone Spectral Imaging: Experimental Study
Yuanning Ying MD | Huizhi Cao | Guangzhi Wang MBBS | Jingang Liu | Dongwen Zhang | Maoyi Zhou MD, PhD | Xin Li MD | Shuai Zhang | Xingsheng Zhao | Weiguang Shao | Xu Yan

LL-PHS-TH6A     Z-axis Coverage beyond Anatomic Boundaries in Chest and Abdomen CT: Frequency and Effect on Organ Doses
Jurgen Jacobs MSc | Federica Zanca PhD | Raymond Oyen MD | Martine Demeter MD | Jhony Verschakelen MD,PHD | Dirk Vanbeckevoort MD | Hilde Bosmans PhD

LL-PHS-TH6B     Retroperitoneal Organ Deformation Due to Position Change from Supine to Left Lateral Decubitus: Quantitative Results in 10 Patients
Stuart Silverman MD | Rivka Colen MD | Bhanu Mahajan MBBS | Paul Morrison MSC | Jayender Jagadeesan PHD, | Christopher Thompson MD | Kirby Vosburgh MS, PhD

LL-PHS-TH7A     Performance of Active Electronic Personal Dosemeters in Radiological Diagnostics
Heiner Von Boetticher DIPLPHYS | Björn Poppe DIPLPHYS | Markus Borowski PhD | Sarah Wrede | Arndt Rimpler | Hermann Seifert | Matthias Luepke | Jürgen Feldmann | Helmut Kreienfeld

LL-PHS-TH7B     A Comparison of CT Dose Reduction Methods with Respect to Breast Dose and a Task-based Image Quality Metric
Iacovos Kyprianou PhD | Taly Schmidt PhD | Franco Rupcich BS, BEng | Andreu Badal PhD

LL-PHS-TH8A     Cone Beam CT Thermometry
Nadine Abi-Jaoudeh MD | Bradford Wood MD | Bart Carelsen MSc,PhD | Niels Noordhoek PhD | Alessandro Radaelli PHD, MS | Ankur Kapoor PhD | Ayele Negussie PhD | Ming Li PhD

LL-PHS-TH9A     Comparison of Iterative and Analytical Model-based Approaches for Improvement of Cross-Plane Resolution in CT
Rainer Raupach PhD | Thomas Flohr PhD | Karl Stierstorfer PhD | Herbert Bruder PhD | Johan Sunnegardh

LL-PHS-TH9B     Development of Automatic Contrast-enhanced Control (ACEC) for Abdominal CT Scan Using Scanography (Simulation of Injection Amount of Contrast Media Using Quantitative Contrast Media Injection Data)
Katsumi Tsujioka PhD | Hiroyuki Kato | Yoshitaka Isobe | Tetsuya Hirokawa | Akihito Watanabe | Yujiro Doi | Hayato Shimomura

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