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Emergency Radiology

Scientific Informal (Poster) Presentations

Presented on December 1, 2010


Jorge A. Soto MD, Presenter: Researcher, General Electric Company


LL-ERS-WE1A     Utility of Whole-body Post Mortem Computed Tomography Imaging in Detection of Elder Abuse and Neglect: Comparison with and Potential Substitution for Standard Autopsy
Michael Mulligan MD | Clint Sliker MD | Barry Daly MD | David Fowler MD | Zabiullah Ali MD | Sopo Lin | Krystal Archer-Arroyo MD | Minh Lu MD

LL-ERS-WE1B     Sensitivity and Specifity in Identifying Incorporated Cocaine in Drug Mules by Computed Tomography, Plain Radiograph, and Lodox
Thomas Ruder | Patricia Flach MD | Steffen Ross MD | Gary Hatch MD | Michael Thali MD | Ulrich Preiss MD | Michael Patak MD

LL-ERS-WE2A     Replacing Conventional Radiographs of the Cervical Spine: Low Dose MDCT Using Consecutive Dose Reduction and Iterative Image Reconstruction—A Cadaver Study
Markus Koerner MD | Maximilian Reiser MD | Michael Scherr MD | Stefan Wirth MD | Daniel Maxien MD | Ulrich Linsenmaier MD | Lindis Brummund

LL-ERS-WE2B     The Efficacy of Goergen's Diagnostic Algorithm in Stratifying Blunt Trauma Victims Based on Their Risk of Sustaining Cervical Spine Injury
Nima Kokabi | Bruno Giuffre MBBS | Minzhi Xing MBBS, BS | Daniel Raper BA

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