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Breast Imaging (MR Image Interpretation)

Scientific Formal (Paper) Presentations — Breast (Imaging and Interventional), Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Oncologic Imaging,

Presented on November 28, 2010


Shih-Chang Wang MD, Presenter: Consultant, Sirtex Medical Ltd
Jay Alan Baker MD, Presenter: Consultant, Siemens AG


SSA01-01     Screening MRI for High Risk Women: Should Patients with a Treated Personal History of Breast Cancer Be Screened?
Constance Lehman MD, PhD | Sue Peacock MSC | Wendy Demartini MD | Peter Eby MD | Robert Gutierrez MD | Grace Kalish MD

SSA01-02     Screening Breast MRI in Women with a History of LCIS
Elizabeth Morris MD | D. David Dershaw MD | Sandra Brennan MBBCh, MSc | Janice Sung MD | Rebecca Alis MD | Punam Bajaj MD

SSA01-03     Results of MRI Screening for Breast Cancer in High Risk Patients with Lobular Carcinoma in Situ
Lauren Friedlander MD | Sara Gavenonis MD | Susan Roth MD

SSA01-04     Preoperative Breast MRI: Outcomes in Early Stage Breast Cancer
Elizabeth Morris MD | D. David Dershaw MD | Laura Liberman MD | Jie Li MD | Kimberly J. Van Zee MD | Sujata Patil PhD

SSA01-05     Preoperative Breast MRI and Mastectomy Rate: A 5 Year Single Center Experience
Massimo Calabrese MD | Francesco Sardanelli MD | Alessandro Villa | Fabio Chiesa | Luca Carbonaro MD | Daniele Friedman

SSA01-06     Evaluation of Internal Mammary Lymph Node Metastases in Invasive Breast Carcinoma by MRI and US: A Prospective Study
Jose Maria Oliver-Goldaracena | Sara Jimenez MD | Diana Exposito MD | Ana B. Delgado MD | Silvia Alonso Roca | Noemi Camara

SSA01-07     Sonography Compared with MRI in Preoperative Evaluation of Women with Breast Cancer to Determine Extent of Disease
Edward Grant MD | Linda Hovanessian-Larsen MD | Sandy Lee | Pulin Sheth MD

SSA01-08     Prediction of Tumoural Involvement of the Nipple-Areola Complex in Patients with Breast Cancer Undergoing Mastectomy: Role of Dynamic Contrast-enhanced MRI
Laura Martincich MD | Veronica Deantoni MD | Daniele Regge MD | Riccardo Ponzone MD | Marta D'Alonzo BS | Franziska Kubatzki MD

SSA01-09     Contrast-enhanced Breast MRI: Association between Feeding Vessels and Malignancy
Francesco Sardanelli MD | Nicola Verardi MD | Luca Carbonaro MD | Gianni Di Leo | Rubina Manuela Trimboli

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