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Musculoskeletal (Quantitative Imaging)

Scientific Papers — Biomarkers/Quantitative Imaging, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Musculoskeletal Radiology,

Presented on November 30, 2009


Joshua M. Farber MD, Presenter: Nothing to Disclose
David Glenn Disler MD, Presenter: Nothing to Disclose


SSE15-01     Meniscal T1rho Obtained with 3.0T MRI Is Increased Directly after and 3 Months after Running a Marathon
Thomas Link MD | Christoph Stehling MD | Anthony Luke MD | Robert Stahl MD | Thomas Baum | Judong Pan MD

SSE15-02     Comparison between MRI Contrast-Enhancing Tissue Volume and Reported Pathological Tissue Viability in Treated Soft Tissue Sarcomas
Gordon Harris PhD | Anand Singh MD | Daniel Rosenthal MD | David Harmon MD | Hiroyuki Yoshida PhD

SSE15-03     Dual Energy Computed Tomography (DECT) for the Evaluation of Gout
Joel Fletcher MD | Cynthia McCollough PhD | Katrina Glazebrook MBChB | David Black MD | Tim Bongartz MD | Eric Matteson MD

SSE15-04     Optimized in Vivo Analysis of Intracellular Sodium Concentration at 3 Tesla
Hans-Ulrich Kauczor MD | Marc-Andre Weber MD | Erick Amarteifio MD | Armin Nagel Dipl Phys | Frank Lehmann-Horn PhD | Karin Jurkat-Rott PhD

SSE15-05     Comparison between Manual Segmentation, Targeted Thresholding, and Gaussian Deconvolution of Synovitis in the Osteoarthritic Knee Using Contrast-enhanced (CE) Fat-suppressed T1-weighted MRI
Frank Roemer MD | Ali Guermazi MD | Hernan Jara PhD | A. Fotinos-Hoyer BS | Hussain Khrad MD | Klaus Bohndorf MD

SSE15-06     Quantitative Dynamic Contrast-enhanced MRI in Vertebral Bone Marrow
Andrea Baur-Melnyk PhD | Maximilian Reiser MD | Olaf Dietrich | Steven Sourbron PhD | Andreas Biffar | Gerwin Schmidt MD

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