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ISP: Health Services, Policy, and Research (Patient-centered Radiology/Other)

Scientific Papers — Health Policy, Management,

Presented on December 3, 2008


Ruth C. Carlos MD, MS, Presenter: Board Member, Imaging Innovations


SSM12-01     Health Services, Policy, and Research Keynote Speaker: Patient-centered Radiology
Ruth Carlos MD, MS

SSM12-02     Creating a Patient-centered Radiology Facility: Logistics, Barriers, and Recommendations in Implementing an Outpatient Imaging Center Where Radiologists Consult Directly with Their Patients
Pat Basu MD | Gary Glazer MD | Volney Vol Dalsem MD | Susie Spielman

SSM12-03     The Effects of Including a Patient's Photograph to the Radiographic Examination
Yehonatan Turner MD | Irith Hadas-Halpern MD

SSM12-04     If I Choose Not to Participate in Regular Screening Mammography How Long Will I Live If I Develop Breast Cancer?
John Keen MD, MBA | James Keen PhD, DVM

SSM12-05     Use of Imaging Services by Uninsured Hospital Inpatients
Kimberly Applegate MD, MS | James Moser PhD

SSM12-06     Identifying Causative Factors of Occupational Stress within the Radiologist Community
Khan Siddiqui MD | Eliot Siegel MD | Bruce Reiner MD | Tara Morgan MD | Sigurdur Sigurdsson | Rakhi Goel MD | Naomi Saenz

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