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Breast Imaging (Computer-aided Detection)

Scientific Papers — Breast (Imaging and Interventional), Mammography, Informatics, Oncologic Imaging,

Presented on December 3, 2008


Robyn Leah Birdwell MD, Presenter: Nothing to Disclose
Linda J. Warren MD, Presenter: Stockholder, Hologic, Inc Expert Advisory Committee, Hologic, Inc


SSM02-01     Meta-Analysis of Computer-aided Detection in Screening Mammography and Independent Double Reading
Robert Nishikawa PhD | Lorenzo Pesce PhD | Diane Chang BS

SSM02-02     Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (DBT) Mammography: Effect of Number of Projection Views on Computerized Mass Detection Using 2D and 3D Approaches
Mark Helvie MD | Jun Wei PhD | Berkman Sahiner PhD | Lubomir Hadjiiski PhD | Yiheng Zhang PhD | Heang-Ping Chan PhD

SSM02-03     CAD for Mammography Made More Effective for Small Lesions in Dense Breasts by Filtering the Detection Marks by Their Level-of-Suspicion
Issac Leichter | Richard Lederman MD | Glenn Fung PhD | Eli Ratner | Nicolas Merlet | Balaji Krishnapuram PhD

SSM02-04     Effectiveness of an Interactive CAD System for Mammographic Mass Detection
Maurice Samulski MS | Nico Karssemeijer PhD | Gerard Den Heeten MD, PhD | Carla Boetes MD | Michiel Kallenberg | Andrea Hupse

SSM02-05     Comparison of Two Software Versions of a Commercially Available Computer-aided Detection (CAD) System for Detecting Breast Cancers
Woo Kyung Moon MD | Nariya Cho MD | Soo-Yeon Kim

SSM02-06     Breast Cancer Screening with Independent Double Reading using Screen-Film Mammography (SFM) and Full-Field Digital Mammography (FFDM): Standalone Performance of Computer-Aided-Detection (CAD) on Missed Cancers
Ashwini Kshirsagar | Solveig Hofvind | Per Skaane MD, PhD | Gunnar Jahr | Ikuyo Endo | Ronald Castellino MD

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