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Physics (CAD: Methods/Observer Studies)

Scientific Papers — Physics and Basic Science, Informatics, Research and Statistical Methods,

Presented on December 2, 2008


Nico Karssemeijer PhD, Presenter: Research grant, U-Systems, Inc Research grant, Hologic, Inc
Elizabeth Anne Krupinski PhD, Presenter: Nothing to Disclose


SSJ22-01     Significance of Consistency in Registration Results in Validation Studies
Sohan Ranjan MS | Rakesh Mullick PhD | Manasi Datar | Cathleen Cooper

SSJ22-02     The Lung Image Database Consortium (LIDC): Lessons Learned from the Development of a Consensus-based Public Resource
Ella Kazerooni MD | Heber MacMahon MD | David Yankelevitz MD | Michael McNitt-Gray PhD | Laurence Clarke PhD | Denise Aberle MD | Baskaran Sundaram MBBS | Cecilia Jude MD | Anthony Reeves PhD | Philip Caligiuri MD | Samuel Armato PhD | Geoffrey McLennan MD, PhD | Edwin Van Beek MD, PhD | Charles Meyer PhD | Barbara Croft PhD | Poonam Batra MD | Leslie Quint MD | et al

SSJ22-03     Assessing Operating Characteristics of CAD Algorithms in the Absence of a Gold Standard
Geoffrey Rubin MD | Justus Roos MD | Kingshuk Roy Choudhury PhD | Sandy Napel PhD | Chin A Yi MD, PhD | David Paik PhD

SSJ22-04     Improved Efficiency of Assessment of Interstitial Lung Disease Progression in HRCT of the Chest by Visualisation of Automatically-registered Image Pairs
Cornelia Schaefer-Prokop MD | Mathias Prokop MD | Hester Gietema MD | Bram Van Ginneken PhD | Keelin Murphy | G. Nossent MD, PhD | Josien Pluim | Yulia Arzhaeva | et al

SSJ22-05     Influence of Radiation Dose Reduction on Pulmonary Nodule Detection at MDCT without or with Computer-aided Detection
Hisanobu Koyama MD | Kazuro Sugimura MD | Yoshiharu Ohno MD, PhD | Daisuke Takenaka MD | Sumiaki Matsumoto MD, PhD | Hitoshi Yamagata PhD | Yumiko Onishi MD | et al

SSJ22-06     Analysis of Observer Performance Based on Probing Patterns in an Interactive CAD System for Mammographic Mass Detection
Maurice Samulski MS | Nico Karssemeijer PhD | Gerard Den Heeten MD, PhD | Carla Boetes MD

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