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Musculoskeletal (Foot and Ankle Disorders)

Scientific Papers — Computed Tomography, Musculoskeletal Radiology, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Ultrasound,

Presented on November 30, 2008


Theodore T. Miller MD, Presenter: Nothing to Disclose
Zehava Sadka Rosenberg MD, Presenter: Nothing to Disclose


SSA13-01     Quantitative Characterization of the Achilles Tendon in Cadaveric Specimens: T1 and T2* Measurements Using Ultrashort Echo Time (UTE) MR Imaging at 3T
Christine Chung MD | Parviz Haghighi MD | Sheronda Statum | Richard Znamirowski BS | Graeme Bydder MBChB | Guinel Hernandez Filho MD | Jiang Du | Shantanu Sinha PhD | Fabiano Cardoso MD | et al

SSA13-02     Analysis of Achilles Tendon Microvasculature with Second Generation Contrast-enhanced Ultrasound (CEUS)
Chiara Recaldini MD | Federico Fontana | Carlo Fugazzola | Leonardo Callegari | Davide Mariani | Eugenio Genovese MD

SSA13-03     MRI of Lateral Hindfoot Bony Impingement in Patients with Posterior Tibial Tendon Tear and Hindfoot Valgus
Zehava Rosenberg MD | Andrea Donovan MD

SSA13-04     Advancements in Orthopedic Intervention: Retrograde Talus Drilling under High Field MRI Guidance: A Cadaveric Study
Sascha Chopra MD | Florian Wichlas | Hermann Bail MD, PhD | Jens Pinkernelle MD | Rene Schilling | Ioannis Papanikolaou MD | Christian Seebauer | Jens Rump | Ivo van der Voort | Ulf Teichgräber | Tobias Jung MD | et al

SSA13-05     Bone Bruise Pattern Complicating Ankle Inversion Injury at Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Stephen Eustace MD | Darra Murphy MRCPI | Suzanne Shine MBBCh

SSA13-06     Anterolateral Recess of the Ankle: Assessment with CT Arthrography and MR Arthrography
Eric Pessis MD | Alain Chevrot MD | Jean-Luc Drape MD, PhD | Raphael Campagna MD | Antoine Feydy MD | Fabienne Bach MD

SSA13-07     What’s New in the Treatment of Plantar Fasciitis: A Percutaneous Ultrasound (US)-guided Approach
Luca Maria Sconfienza MD | Giovanni Serafini MD | Francesca Lacelli MD | Giacomo Garlaschi MD | Enzo Silvestri MD

SSA13-08     Prediction of Lisfranc Joint Complex Instability: Comparison of MRI with Intraoperative Findings
Adam Zoga MD | William Morrison MD | Ilan Elias MD | Sachin Dheer MD | Steven Raikin | Marcus Besser PhD

SSA13-09     How Dynamic High-resolution Ultrasound (HR-US) Can Improve the Detection of Plantar Plate Tears?
Luca Maria Sconfienza MD | Giovanni Serafini MD | Francesca Lacelli MD | Giovanna Grillo MD | Giacomo Garlaschi MD | Enzo Silvestri MD

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