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Radiation Oncology and Radiobiology (Radiation Biology and Breast cancer posters)

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Presented on November 25, 2007



LL-RO4077-B01     Single and Fractionated Exposures to 0.1, 0.2, or 1.0 Gy X-rays Potentiate the Anti-tumor Activit of Murine NK Cells
Ewa Nowosielska | Aneta Cheda | Jolanta Wrembel-Wargocka | Jaroslaw Jazwinski | Marek Janiak

LL-RO4080-B04     Radiation Effects on Lymphocytes of Radiosensitive Wasted Mouse: Induction of H2ax Phosphorylation, Apoptosis, and Pcna Expression
Tatjana Paunesku PhD | Gayle Woloschak PhD | Barbara Szolc-Kowalska | Kaori Nakamura | Benjamin Haley | Akiko Hagiwara | Tetsuya Ono

LL-RO4081-B05     Dissecting the Mechanism of P53 Tumor Suppression in Vivo Using a Hyperactive Transactivation Mutant of P53
Lesley Jarvis MD, PhD | Tom Johnson | Laura Attardi

LL-RO4083-B08     To Analyze Skin Dose Measurements Using One Dose Mosfet Detector: An in Vivo Dosimetry to Verify Skin Doses in Breast Cancer Patients during High Dose Rate Brachytherapy
Eashwer Reddy MD | Srivani Thatikonda | Leela Krishnan MS, MD, FACRO | Fen Wang MD, PhD | calvin myers PHD | Rajeev Badkul PhD

LL-RO4084-B09     Planning Study Assessing the Effectiveness of the Addition of the Thyroid Block in the 3 Field Radiotherapy Technique for Breast Cancer
Orla McArdle | Cormac Small | Thirion Pierre MD

LL-RO4085-B10     A Result of Cohort Study on Boost Irradiation in the Conservative Treatment of Stage I-II Breast Cancer: From the Pathological Point of View
Miyako Myojin

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